kulhad pizza couple video viral – Who are they?

Kulhad Pizza Couple: In recent days, the Kulhad Pizza Couple has become a part of headlines due to the leakage of their private videos. Following the leak of private videos on social media, people have been consistently trolling Sehaj Arora and his wife Gurpreet Kaur. While Sehaj recently shared a video on Instagram claiming that these private videos were created under an AI-driven conspiracy. Since the Kulhad Pizza Couple came into the limelight, various discussions and rumors have been circulating on the internet about them. Now, there are claims on social media that Sehaj Arora, the owner of Kulhad Pizza, has committed suicide.

kulhad pizza couple video viral

kulhad pizza couple video viral

In connection with Sehaj’s alleged suicide, some individuals have created videos on YouTube. Many of these videos claim that Sehaj committed suicide due to the controversy surrounding the leakage of private videos. This revelation has caused a stir on social media. Upon seeing the circulation of his alleged suicide videos, Sehaj sought support from Facebook to label these videos as fake. Through a video shared on Facebook, Sehaj has put a halt to the rumors, denying any suicide attempt.

Sehaj’s Appeal: On September 30, Sehaj wrote a post on Facebook where he stated, ‘Fake news. Many calls have been coming for the past 2 days, please stop doing this.’ He further wrote, ‘An appeal to the media to not run the old interviews by editing them at all.’ Sehaj also appealed to the public, saying, ‘Dear people, do not trust any kind of interviews.’ He shared a video on Facebook showing all the videos claiming his suicides on YouTube, urging people not to believe in these videos.

‘Kulhad Pizza’ Creates Internet Sensation: It’s worth mentioning that this couple runs a food business named Kulhad Pizza. The main reason for their viral fame on social media is their innovative idea of selling ‘pizza in kulhad’ (clay cups). Numerous people gather at their shop to enjoy Kulhad Pizza. Due to their unique idea, this couple has now become an internet sensation.

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