10 Best Primary schools in Brisbane for your child’s future

We listed some of the best primary schools in Brisbane, on the idea of reviews of scholars and fogeys , also as our researches. the first years are a critical introduce a child’s development. So choose the simplest grade school for your child’s growth and Development. to ascertain the simplest primary schools in Brisbane, scrolls down.

1. Ironside State School : Best Primary schools in Brisbane

Ironside State School : Best Primary schools in brisbane

Ironside State School was opened as a short lived structure on the 10th October 1870 and this was soon followed by a more permanent building forty feet long and eighteen feet wide.

Mr William Arthy was the first Principal and therefore the first pupil, Miss Ellen Lane. At that point , the varsity was referred to as the Toowong State School. When a replacement school was built at Toowong in 1880, the name was changed to Indooroopilly State School, but the building of a replacement school at Indooroopilly resulted during a further change in name only to the Indooroopilly Pocket State School.

This Responsible Behavior Plan for college kids is meant to facilitate high standards of behavior in order that the training and teaching in our college are often effective and students can participate positively within our college community. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

Their school cultures encompassed the four areas on the Ironside Way, a faculty culture that’s built round the philosophy that each one areas of the community are expected to be:

*Safe and Responsible – Behaviour, School Operations, Student Support, WPHS

*Think Positively – Social and Emotional Support, Positive reinforcement, Parent Support groups

*Actively Learn – Staff Professional Development, Student Goals, Sports Programmes

*Respect Self et al. – within the classroom, within the playground, within the school community, within the wider community

Best Primary school in Brisbane.

Address: 2 Hawken Dr, St Lucia QLD 4067

Phone: +61732583111

2. West End State School in Brisbane

Best Primary schools in brisbane
West End School

Vision – Empower every student to realize their personal best to form the planet a far better place.

West End State School (WESS) is a component of a vibrant community situated on the brink of Brisbane’s CBD. Whilst they’re an outsized school, with over 1100 students, they exerting to take care of a close-knit, community feel. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

They have a fanatical staff whose aim is to make sure that each student has the chance to succeed in their full potential. In their classrooms, they use research based, high yield teaching strategies to interact students altogether areas of the curriculum.

Teaching and learning
Optimising every student’s opportunity to realize to their full potential is at the guts of West End State School’s commitment to all or any students. Teachers plan and implement the curriculum in order that each child are often a successful learner.

They share understanding of individualized education at West End State School involves knowing the learner through the identification of student needs and responding to them during a planned approach, in order that they are challenged, supported and encouraged to succeed in their potential. we provide many programs to support, extend and enrich our students. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

West End State School has procedures and policies to support to all students across all curriculum areas.

Their teachers utilise three pathways for differentiation:

  • Know your students.
  • Know your curriculum intent.
  • Vary your pathways.
  • Best Primary school in Brisbane

Address: 24 Vulture St, West End QLD 4101

Mobile: +61730108222

3. Greenslopes State School in Brisbane

Green slopes School

At Greenslopes State School, students enjoy a way of community belonging including high expectations of educational , social and cultural leadership. our college celebrates the various backgrounds of scholars and has developed a reputation within the community for its unique curriculum offerings and high levels of educational achievement. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

As staff members, they:

  • Encourage teamwork, work together, listen and volunteer time.
  • Involve, support and embrace others within the whole school community in achieving common goals.
  • Communicate (early and often).
  • Acknowledge others as members of other sorts of communities.
  • Contribute to our learning environment by joining with others to make an environment that promotes interaction.
  • Participate in staff activities/school projects.
  • Be consistent and follow up with school procedures and policies.
  • Laugh, cry and talk.
  • Be a positive example for youngsters .
  • Feel valued and be welcoming.
  • Share the great times (and the bad).


As staff members, they :

  • Share, discuss, show enthusiasm, be open.
  • Take advice, learn from others, providing the occasion to try to to so.
  • Embrace new ideas/paths.
  • Seek professional development activities.
  • Cooperate and collaborate.
  • Mentor.
  • Challenge ourselves, going beyond our comfort zones to explore unknown territories.
  • Think outside the square, take/create possibilities.
  • Take on new roles and support others in theirs.
  • Assist one another in achieving collective and private goals.
  • Extend our teaching skills.
  • Devise extra-curricular activities.
  • Lead students to get their potential.
  • One of the Best Primary schools in Brisbane

Address: 559 Logan Rd, Greenslopes QLD 4120

Phone: +61734212333

4. Mansfield State School in Brisbane

Mansfield State School

Mansfield State School has been proudly educating students within the Mansfield community since 1970. There are high performing, co-educational grade school implementing the Australian Curriculum and achieving high academic results. Their school excels in music and Choirs. Mansfield State School provides an impressive Mansfield Arts and Drama Club. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

Their successes are the results of a robust three-way partnership involving students, parents and staff. the oldsters & Citizens Association, its sub-committees and dealing parties have worked collaboratively with the varsity administration team and staff to both set and realise strategic priorities. Best Primary school in Brisbane.

Mansfield State School is committed to providing a secure and respectful learning environment for college kids and staff, where students have opportunities to interact in quality learning experiences and acquire lifelong values.
Our school values are:

POWER (Positivity-Opportunities-Wellness-Engagement-Respectful, safe learners) developed by Mansfield State School is that the approach wont to combine our college values, behaviour expectations, support for wellbeing and positive education into a philosophy, which promotes a secure , supportive and healthy environment for our students.

Address: comma, 174 Ham Rd, Mansfield QLD 4122

Phone: +61734213888

5. Robertson State School in Brisbane

Roberton School

Robertson State School may be a niche grade school located in a beautiful setting on the side of Brisbane. it’s a coeducational school of roughly 730 students from Prep to Year 6. the varsity is enrolment managed and features a roll for student entry. the varsity motto, Achievement Through Effort, and our vision, Creating Brighter Futures Together, have resulted during a caring and supportive community embracing diversity and celebrating multiculturalism. Since the opening of Robertson in 1980, the varsity has built a robust reputation of excellence in behaviour, uniform presentation and academic achievement. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

The school pedagogy around gifted education is underpinned by differentiation and developing critical and artistic thinking skills. Students also are encouraged to be autonomous learners.The school embraces a worldwide outlook through a comprehensive Languages and International Studies program with Bilingual Chinese classes beginning in Year 1, sister school exchange visits every two years and international study tours. The school’s strategic direction in digital futures is supported through a fanatical Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) iPad initiative altogether classrooms from P-6 and a well-resourced Science, Technology, Engineering and arithmetic (STEM) program.

The progressive introduction of the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and science , the humanities and Technologies, provides consistent and sequential learning and reporting. Robertson has an impressive classroom music program, two choirs, two bands and three levels of string ensembles.

Teaching and learning

Robertson State School is committed to providing all students with opportunities to interact in their learning within and beyond the Australian Curriculum. In delivering our curriculum, we’ll assess, monitor and capture student achievement to make sure students are developing deep levels of data , processes and skills for life-long learning.

They encompass high expectations for every student, respond effectively to their current levels of accomplishment and cater for his or her range of interests, abilities, skills and motivation.

They prepare students to exit Robertson State School with a solid foundation in knowledge, understanding, skills and values on which further learning and adult life are often built. Best grade school in Brisbane.

Address: 688 Musgrave Rd, Robertson QLD 4109

Phone: +61734524111

6. Rochedale State School in Brisbane

Best primary school in brisbane
Rochedale State School in Brisbane

As an Independent Public School, Rochedale continues to explore innovations in learning to make sure the simplest outcomes for all students. Rochedale State School is concentrated on providing an inclusive, tolerant, caring, safe, creative, challenging and fun environment where all of our students can grow and learn. Their teachers and staff are experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to helping every child reach their full potential.

Mission Statement

Rochedale State School, as a part of the worldwide community, is committed to developing active, compassionate and lifelong learners. Integral to our philosophy is that the development of inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young citizens who respect their own and other cultures. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

Values/ Beliefs
  • All children can learn given the proper time, right support and right opportunities
  • Educators got to be aware of students and fogeys to make sure the simplest holistic growth of all students.
  • Professional educators stay current and use data and feedback to tell and improve practice.

Learning at Rochedale State School is active, challenging, significant and relevant to the children’s needs and desire to find out about themselves, Australia and therefore the world. Learning focuses upon the youngsters developing key skills within the following areas: communication, research, social, self-management and thinking.

Through active promotion of the Learner Profile children are encouraged to demonstrate to be: Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced and Reflective.

Address: 694 Rochedale Rd, Rochedale QLD 4123

Phone: +61733408333

7. Newmarket State School in Brisbane

Newmarket State School in Brisbane

Newmarket State School may be a small inner-city school with a proud history, as reflected in our motto, “Over 100 years of “Learning and Caring”. Enrolments are steadily growing over the past few years and our current enrolment is 308 students. Excellence in learning and powerful community values are two distinctive features of our college . The core business of our college has quality programs to permit students to realize within the eight key learning areas, and within these programs, a commitment to literacy and numeracy is prime .

A supportive, inclusive and active community is characteristic of our college . The active role of oldsters within the Parents and Citizens Association and in daily school activities strengthens our community and contributes to the range of opportunities available to our students. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

Out of faculty hours care

Newmarket state school’s P&C association operates a licensed Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service, located within the varsity grounds. Care is out there for youngsters enrolled in state grade school .

A number of casual educators who hold a good range of qualifications concerning the care of youngsters are employed in OSHC roles. Their staff members are trained in care and hold a current suitability card for child related employment, issued by the Commission for youngsters and children . an inventory of their names is on the OSHC room wall, behind the parent/guardian check in desk.

They believe providing a superb academic education and developing an individual’s self-esteem. These two goals provide the idea for lifelong learning and success. The “You Can Do It“ program and “The Newmarket Mindset Manifesto” programs provide a robust foundation for learning at Newmarket SS.

Address: 15 Banks St, Newmarket, QLD 4051

Phone: +61735527222

8. Coorparoo State School in Brisbane

Coorparoo State School in Brisbane

School leaders, staff, students and families at Coorparoo State School are custodians of an upscale and varied history, and that we are all history makers ourselves. it’s our journey every day which will be reflected upon within the years to return .

Coorparoo State School acknowledges The Tribal and therefore the Jagera people and continues to pay reference to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and therefore the continuation of cultural, spiritual and academic practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Best grade school in Brisbane.

Their strengths remain:

  • A relentless, aligned focus amongst our staff to enhance student learning outcomes.
  • A committed staff, possessing a deep commitment to a good sort of educational disciplines.
  • A research-based commitment to continuous improvement supported ongoing student performance evidence.
  • Students who are united during a positive, happy, respectful, questioning and engaged learning culture.
  • A strong specialise in intervention within the early years of schooling.
  • A rigorous approach to effective teaching and learning.
  • Our incredibly supportive community.
  • Leading edge facilities which give exciting learning opportunities for youngsters .
  • Subjects and Programs
  • At Coorparoo State School teachers plan and deliver programs within the subjects and learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, The Arts, Technology, Languages (German 4-6) and Health and education .

Broad consultation with staff, students and fogeys so far indicates that the subsequent are our underpinning drivers behind all facets of Coorparoo State School:

  • A connected educational journey for our students
  • Educational Leadership
  • Big school, small caring atmosphere
  • Warm, friendly, co-operative spirit
  • High expectations
  • Sustainability of our future
  • Aware of and aware of the forces of change

At Coorparoo State School teachers:

  • Plan and develop units in year level teams.
  • Dedicate their professional learning to develop their knowledge, understandings and skills to be an efficient teacher for all students and align with research based practices.
  • Implement lessons and units of labor that are challenging and encourage curiosity
  • Know the requirements of every and each learner as informed by data
  • Develop authentic relationships with students
  • Establish and sustain a real and valuable home-school connection
  • One of the simplest grade school in Brisbane

Address: 327 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo QLD 4151

Phone: +61734210333

9. ST John Vianney’s Primary School in Brisbane

ST John Vianney’s Primary School in Brisbane

St John Vianney’s may be a co-educational Catholic grade school (Prep – Year 6) with a current enrolment of 464 stude nts.

St John Vianney’s is an active sch ool community where staff, parents and students work collaboratively to develop a cohesive approach to education. Key features include an awareness of social justice issues and environmental sustainability.


Central to curriculum planning at St John Vianney’s grade school is that the Brisbane Catholic Education Learning Framework which sets out the beliefs and values on which learning is predicated . We educate all to measure the gospel of Jesus as successful, creative and assured , active and informed learners empowered to shape and enrich our changing world.

With high expectations in mind, teachers implement the Australian Curriculum using the Brisbane Catholic Education Model of Pedagogy that focuses on the learner and their learning. The content descriptions and achievement standards from the Australian Curriculum are followed for every year level in each discipline . Student progress is reported agains t these standards. Best grade school in Brisbane.

St John Vianney’s Catholic grade school was founded by the Presentation Sisters and opened on Australia Day 1941 by Archbishop Duhig. Originally named St Philomina’s, the varsity was located across the road from this site, within the grounds of the Presentation Sisters’ Convent. the varsity moved to its present site in 1953. the event , extension and refurbishment of the varsity grounds and building are ongoing. In recent years, enrolment numbers have plateaued at around 360.

Their most up-to-date building projects under the Federal Grants BER-P21 program. Best Primary schools in Brisbane. This has provided us with a replacement auditorium , confectionery and uniform shop, three additional classrooms, also a spacious undercover area which flows on to our new oval.

Now completely lay staffed, the varsity has aimed to take care of its strong links with Presentation Sisters whose vision, tenacity and dedication established a way needed and successful school within the area. They provided approximately 70 years of quality teaching and learning here at St John Vianney’s Catholic grade school , Manly.

Students engage within the following
Key Learning Areas:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS)
  • Health and education (HPE)
  • The Arts (Dance, Drama, Media Arts,
  • Music, Visual Arts)
  • Technologies
  • Languages aside from English
  • (LOTE – Italian)

Address: 15 Oceana Terrace, Manly QLD 4179

Phone: +61733966380

10. Camp Hill State Infants & Primary School

Camp Hill State Infants & Primary School

Camp Hill State Infants and first School (CHSIPS) was established in 2006 following the amalgamation of Camp Hill State School and Camp Hill grade school . Since then we’ve become an Independent State School with a faculty council.

Their school has been the location of ongoing education since the commencement of the Mt Bruce State School in 1926. they’re very pleased with our college , and that they invite you to explore CHS IPS through our website. Best Primary schools in Brisbane.

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) and its committees, uniform shop, confectionery , outside school hours care and student council generously support endeavours to supplement standard allocations of teaching and learning resources, which is extremely much appreciated.

We value the 4Cs:


Courtesy is being polite and having courtesy . once we speak and act courteously we give others a sense of being valued and revered .


Consideration is being thoughtful of people and their feelings. We thing about how our actions affect others. We pay careful attention to what others like and dislike. Consideration of others is being fair, including everyone and making good choices. Consideration is caring for people, property and therefore the environment.


Cooperation is getting along and dealing along side others to share the load in an organised way. once we cooperate, we join with others to try to to things that can’t be done alone. We are willing to follow the principles to stay everyone safe and happy. Together we will accomplish more.


Commitment is deciding carefully what we’d like to try to to then giving it 100%, trying as hard as we will . We give our all to a friendship, a task, or something we believe . We show persistence and finish what we start. We keep our promises.

We expect all members of our college community to act with a high level of private integrity, modelling the simplest standards of private behaviour. We pride oneself in our college .


Intentional collaboration is valued because the best way for our college to realize results and improve student learning.

“Collaboration is when colleagues during a school close to share ideas, tools and methods so as to form key curriculum, assessment, instruction, teacher development and leadership decisions”. Transformational Collaboration – Gavin Grift 2016 et al.

There is consensus among the world’s leading educational researchers that collaboration is important to putting together an efficient Professional Learning Community (PLC).

The ‘big ideas’ that drive the work of a PLC are:

  • A focus on learning – the elemental purpose of a faculty is to make sure that each one students learn at high levels
  • A collaborative culture and collective responsibility – educators must work collaboratively and take collective responsibility for the success of every student.
  • A results’ orientation – educators specialise in evidence of student learning.

Curriculum of Brisbane Grammar Schools

Brisbane Grammar School offers education from years 5 through to 12. The academic programme is tailored to suit the needs of its students. In recent years, around 95% of graduating students have received a first-round offer to a tertiary institution. Best Primary schools in Brisbane. The school offers mainstream subjects including English, mathematics (A, B and C), science (physics, chemistry, biology and earth science), history (modern and ancient), geography, economics, health and physical education, music, technology studies, art, drama and languages other than English (French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Latin). Best Primary schools in Brisbane

In addition, the school focuses on a specific academic scope of learning aimed at educating life-skills required in the future. As of late, it has introduced updated technology to assist the students learning from school as well as home. In addition to this currently all students from grades 8–12 each have a Toshiba Tablet PC with a majority of the school’s curriculum installed. For the middle school, Brisbane Grammar School offers the mainstream subjects (with Spanish and Latin being offered as languages other than English), as well as laptop facilities. Best Primary schools in Brisbane

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