How to Defeat an Oceanid in Genshin Impact

How to Defeat an Oceanid in Genshin Impact?

How to Defeat an Oceanid in Genshin Impact? | Embarking on the treacherous quest to conquer the Oceanid in Genshin Impact requires not only a brave heart but also a tactical approach. This extensive guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to emerge victorious against this formidable Hydro boss. We’ll delve into the nuances of Locating the Oceanid, Dodging Attacks, Dealing Damage, and Collecting Rewards.

Part 1: Locating the Oceanid

1.1 Prepare for the Battle | How to Defeat an Oceanid in Genshin Impact

Before you can face the Oceanid, meticulous preparation is paramount. The Oceanid is impervious to Hydro attacks, necessitating a well-rounded party. Pyro, Cryo, Geo, or Electro characters are essential, as they trigger elemental reactions such as vaporize, frozen, crystallized, and electrocharged. Additionally, having a healer, like Noelle, is advisable, as health regeneration is crucial.

1.1.1 Teleport to the Waypoint in Wuwang Hill

  • Head to the cave located east of the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula domain.
  • Proceed north until you reach a large lake, where a platform awaits the impending battle.

1.1.2 Via Stone Gate

  • Teleport to the waypoint north of Stone Gate.
  • Follow the elevated path southwest, traverse a cave, and activate the waypoint at the end.
  • Head north into the lake to initiate the Oceanid battle.

Part 2: Dodging Attacks

2.1 Know How the Oceanid Launches Attacks

Understanding the Oceanid’s attack patterns is crucial for survival. The boss spawns different hydro mimics, each with unique abilities that demand distinct strategies.

2.1.1 Water Boar

  • Evade charges from the Water Boar by swiftly dashing out of harm’s way.

2.1.2 Water Squirrel

  • Maintain a safe distance to avoid close-range attacks from the Water Squirrel.

2.1.3 Water Crane

  • Dash to evade waves launched by the Water Crane, even from a distance.

2.1.4 Water Hawk

  • Employ ranged characters or deploy taunt objects to counter the swooping attacks of the Water Hawk.

2.1.5 Water Duck

  • Stay clear of the water vortex underneath the Water Duck to avoid continuous damage.

2.1.6 Water Crab

  • Move away from the path of water bubble attacks launched by the Water Crab.

2.1.7 Water Sparrow

  • Dash out of the circle when the Water Sparrow leaps to avoid massive damage.

2.1.8 Water Frog

  • Dash out of the circle when the Water Frog leaps and move away from its stream attacks.

2.1.9 Explosions

  • Beware of exploding bubbles left behind after defeating Water Sparrow and Water Frog.

2.1.10 Sinking Platforms

  • Be agile and move quickly to avoid damage when the platform sinks every two waves.

2.1.11 Timely Defeat

  • Swiftly defeat enemies to prevent the emergence of a deadly whirlpool during the battle.

Part 3: Dealing Damage

3.1 Use Elemental Reactions

Strategic utilization of elemental reactions is the key to dealing substantial damage to the Oceanid and its mimics.

3.1.1 Cryo

  • Freeze land mimics with Cryo, then shatter the ice with charged attacks for increased damage.

3.1.2 Pyro

  • Vaporize land mimics with Pyro characters like Amber, Xiangling, or Thoma for maximum damage.

3.1.3 Electro

  • Shock land mimics with Electro to inflict Electro-Charged, dealing continuous damage over time.

3.1.4 Ranged Characters

  • Employ ranged characters such as Amber, Fischl, Diona, or Lisa to effectively tackle Water Hawks.

3.1.5 Healing Between Waves

  • Utilize the time between waves to heal using food or healing characters like Diona or Noelle.

3.1.6 Repeat the Process

  • Continue this elemental cycle until you reach the final wave, adapting your strategy as the battle intensifies.

Part 4: Collecting Rewards

4.1 Locate the Ley Line Blossom

After emerging victorious against the Oceanid, it’s time to reap the rewards that await you.

4.1.1 Use Resin to Revitalize

  • Use Original Resin or Fragile Resin to revitalize the Ley Line Blossom at the center of the arena.

4.1.2 Collect Rewards

  • Receive Cleansing Heart and 100 EXP, crucial Character Ascension Materials for Hydro characters.

Part 5: Tips and Warnings

5.1 Elemental Resonance

Consider utilizing Elemental Resonance in your party composition. Various combinations, such as the Pyro and Electro resonance, can provide additional benefits like decreased cooldowns, increased shield strength, and more energy regeneration.

5.2 Character Swapping

Be agile in character swapping during the battle. Switching between characters strategically allows you to adapt to the ever-changing challenges posed by the Oceanid and its mimics.

5.3 Environmental Awareness

Stay vigilant of your surroundings. The Oceanid’s arena is dynamic, with sinking platforms and changing weather conditions. Awareness of these environmental factors is vital for survival.

5.4 Team Synergy

Build a team with synergistic abilities. Characters with skills that complement each other, such as crowd control, healing, and area-of-effect damage, can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Part 6: Questions & Answers

6.1 Can I Defeat the Oceanid Solo?

While it is possible to defeat the Oceanid solo, having a well-coordinated team with diverse elemental abilities makes the battle more manageable. Solo players should focus on quick character swapping and precise dodging.

To maximize damage output and survivability, it is advisable to have characters at a high level, preferably close to the recommended level for the Oceanid encounter. Aim for characters around level 60 or higher.

6.3 How Often Can I Challenge the Oceanid?

The Oceanid can be challenged once every week per world level. Ensure you are well-prepared before engaging in the battle, as you’ll need to wait for the weekly reset for another attempt.


Mastering the Oceanid encounter in Genshin Impact is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Armed with the knowledge provided in this guide, you are well-equipped to navigate the battle with finesse, strategic prowess, and a dash of elemental flair. May your journey in Teyvat be filled with successful encounters, plentiful rewards, and the thrill of conquering formidable foes.

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