How to Play Element in Blade Ball

How to Play Element in Blade Ball – A Comprehensive Guide

How to Play Element in Blade Ball? Blade Ball, an adrenaline-pumping game, has taken a thrilling twist with the introduction of the Element game mode. This new mode brings an array of elemental abilities that can turn the tide of the game. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of playing Element in Blade Ball, from choosing your element to mastering special moves and unlocking new characters.

How to Play Element in Blade Ball?

As you delve into Element mode in Blade Ball, you are presented with a pivotal choice between Fire and Water. While this choice might seem trivial, it temporarily locks you out of the opposite element. In this game mode, every player starts with three health bars, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.

The journey in Element mode involves leveling up your character, with each element offering a unique set of skills. Basic dash moves kickstart your journey, but as you progress, new abilities unlock at levels 10, 20, and 50. Brace yourself as we delve into the elemental battlegrounds of Blade Ball!

Mastering Fire and Water Abilities

Fire Element

  1. Fire Dash (Level 0): Dash forward, leaving a trail of scorching flames.
  2. Fireball (Level 10): Unleash a fireball, dealing damage upon impact with opponents.
  3. Raging Flames (Level 20): Collect souls by eliminating players to empower your parry against the ball.
  4. Fire Tact (Level 50 – Passive): Increase the curve of the ball for added strategic advantage.

Water Element

  1. Geyser (Level 0): Propel yourself high into the air using a powerful water geyser.
  2. Shark Bite (Level 10): Summon a shark to attack opponents, causing disruption.
  3. Tidal Wave (Level 20): Ride a wave, pushing enemies away upon impact.
  4. Water (Level 50 – Passive): Gradually increase movement speed while moving, with a slowdown effect when parrying the ball.

These elemental abilities not only add a dynamic layer to the gameplay but also open up avenues for creative and strategic plays.

Exploring Electric, Ice, and Earth Elements

Electric Element

  1. Bolt (Level 0): Teleport forward at lightning speed.
  2. Spark Beam (Level 10): Shoot an electric beam to zap opponents from a distance.
  3. Smite (Level 20): Teleport forward, unleashing a stunning lightning strike in the vicinity.
  4. Static Shock (Level 50 – Passive): Emit a damaging lightning aura that affects nearby players.

Ice Element

  1. Frostzone (Level 0): Use icy wind to boost your speed and jump height.
  2. Permafrost Bolt (Level 10): Shoot a freezing beam that disables opponents’ abilities.
  3. Frostcone Surge (Level 20): Unleash a wave of ice, pushing and affecting players caught in its path.
  4. Frostbite (Level 50 – Passive): Emit an ice aura, slowing down nearby players.

Earth Element

  1. Sprout (Level 0): Teleport up to three times, sprouting from the ground.
  2. Root Rake (Level 10): Unleash sharp roots, launching enemies into the air.
  3. Root Grasp (Level 20): Use roots to pull the ball towards you, gaining control.
  4. Sunbloom (Level 50 – Passive): Spawn a sun from eliminated players, regaining 15% health.

Levelling Up and Unlocking Elements

To ascend the ranks in Blade Ball’s Element mode, gaining experience points (EXP) is crucial. Hitting opponents with the ball, eliminating players, and emerging victorious in matches will earn you EXP. The difficulty of the action directly impacts the EXP gained, making wins the fastest route to level up.

Unlocking new characters/elements follows a strategic path:

  1. Starting with Fire:
    • Level Fire to 50 for Water.
    • Water to 50 for Electric.
    • Electric to 50 for Ice.
    • Ice to 50 for Earth.
  2. Starting with Water:
    • Level Water to 50 for Fire.
    • Follow a similar path through Electric to Ice and Ice to Earth.

Upon reaching level 50 with an element, head to the Skins/Characters menu, and use coins to purchase the unlocked character. Maxing out Fire, Water, and Electric even rewards you with the coveted Elemental Sword in Blade Ball.


Element mode in Blade Ball transforms the gaming experience, adding strategic depth and unleashing a myriad of elemental powers. Whether you choose the fiery path of destruction, the fluidity of water, the electric agility, the chilling frost, or the earthy stability, mastering your chosen element is the key to victory. So, dive into the elemental arena, hone your skills, and become the undisputed champion of Blade Ball’s Element mode!

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