Best School in Chandigarh | Top 15 Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future

Hello guys, today I am going to tell you about the Best School in Chandigarh well there are many Schools in Chandigarh, but I’ll only tell you the best schools in Chandigarh.

So we created a list of 15 best schools in Chandigarh, this list is created on the basis of reviews, ratings, and our research

Schools are very important for us to attain Education. But at the same time, it is also sometimes very difficult to find out the best school for you. So in that case if you are confused in finding best schools then this post will definitely be going to help you.

1. St. Stephen’s School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future
Best School in Chandigarh

A student centred approach has been adopted. In St Stephen’s college, we have a tendency to harness the potential of scholars in AN academically stimulating atmosphere supported a world category metric system. The coed centred approach that we have a tendency to follow puts the learner at the guts of the training method. Best School in Chandigarh.

Students play a full of life role within the category rooms, taking each responsibility for his or her learning and develop freelance thinking skills. Best School in Chandigarh. Importance is given to each kid to encourage the event of the characteristics needed for a qualitative lifelong learning motivation, self-analysis, peer assessment, time management totally different sorts of teaching like deep questioning, self review, referee, comments instead of remarks, understanding and having access to aims and objectives, understanding next steps and cooperative learning. Best School in Chandigarh.

The School follows ICSE Board.

Classes one to 5 area unit being taken care of by Ms Arvindra Singh (Academics) and Ms Deishi Sharma (Activities).

During these important years of intellectual development it’s our endeavour within the grammar school to form the varsity, an area wherever a baby enjoys coming back in instead of shying away. Educationists tell US that a decent starting typically ends up in continuing success. Best School in Chandigarh.

When we mouth giving kids AN education, we regularly forget that education isn’t a present, it is a debt we have a tendency to owe them. We at St. Stephen’s begin the education method at the tender age of six in school One. Best School in Chandigarh.

Mode of admission:

Registration for sophistication One starts within the month of Dec.

The subjects tutored include:

  • 1. English (Language and Literature)
  • 2. Hindi
  • 3. Arithmetic
  • 4. Science
  • 5. Social Studies.
  • 6. pc Studies (Starts at category one Level)
  • 7. Art And Craft.
  • 8. Noesis (includes current affairs and also the formation of the habit of reports paper reading)
  • 9. Music
  • 10. Ethical Science (emphasis is given to story telling and discussion on topics of ethical values).
  • 11. Punjabi (it is introduced in school four level)

Special stress is set on speech wherever kids area unit tutored pronunciation, correct intonation voice modulation, posture, and confidence through reading, recitation, general voice communication and role-play. Best School in Chandigarh.

The course of study besides lecturers conjointly includes one amount double per week on activities like dance, quiz, singing, mono acting, handwriting, debates and declamations etc. for, that lay category competitions, area unit stayed in a monthly basis. Each student of a category gets a chance to participate in such competitions. Best School in Chandigarh.


The academic year is split into 2 equal semesters. Every semester includes a Unit take a look at and a Semester communication for terribly subject. The additive average of each of the semester’s area unit taken into thought to assess the performance of a student. Benefit certificates area unit awarded to the scholars World Health Organization attain high 3 positions in every category. Best School in Chandigarh.

Interaction with parents:

It is informal teaching, of course, however the house provides the necessary foundation on that a child’s formal college learning is constructed. Keeping this in mind, regular parent teacher conferences area unit organized 2 to a few times a year, besides which oldsters and well-wishers area unit welcome in the least times to produce helpful suggestions and feed backs. Click here to read more about it. Best School in Chandigarh.

Phone Number : +911722605767

Address : 45B, Sector 45, Chandigarh, 160047

2. Carmel Convent School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel is associate Indian Congregation that took its roots within the year 1870 in its founding father Mother speedwell a holy and dedicated lady, World Health Organization was divinely galvanized to succeed in bent many ladies of her day.

We draw our inspiration from Christ, the World Health Organization willed the entire development of each person, as additionally from our founding father, Mother speedwell. Best School in Chandigarh.

Carmel Convent college, Chandigarh, based on July sixteen, 1959, is one in all the establishments conducted by the Apostolic Carmel Sisters.

One tiny seed thrown within the wealthy soil of an Asian nation and destined to grow, was the start of our Congregation. It absolutely was based in city, France on July sixteenth, 1868 by Mother speedwell of the fervour and established in Asian nation on Nov nineteenth 1870. Best School in Chandigarh.

Sophie Leeves, her former name, born on first Gregorian calendar month 1823, was an associate English woman, female offspring of dockage Leeves and Rev. Henry Daniel Leeves, a padre to a people Ambassador, denote in the city. Best School in Chandigarh.

She was well-educated and an especially versatile girls. Besides being an author, she was additionally a wonderful musician. She knew many languages – Latin, French, Italian, German, Greek, additionally to her own tongue, English. Best School in Chandigarh.

She had everything, however wasn’t really happy. She was checking out the reality, and he or she found it within the Church. She had deep religion and believed that God would heal the wound she had caused her single mother, in His own time and in His own means.

She was still looking out – a way higher destiny hoped-for her. She had a decision to grant herself entirely to the service of God. It absolutely was the start of a dialogue between God and her, that was to become progressively pressing. Best School in Chandigarh. She joined the Congregation of the sisters of St. Joseph of Apparition, on fourteenth Gregorian calendar month, 1851, in Athens, Greece. As a nun, Sophie received a replacement name – Sister speedwell of the fervour.

Her benevolent disposition and width of heart that is Sophie’s character, moreover as her fiery, arduous perseverance within the face of difficulties, her love for the poor and especially her deep religion in God, she had familial from her folks. She was attuned to God – completing His can, gleefully and at any risk. Best School in Chandigarh.

She was a weird destiny, God had developed her character through initial interaction together with his Providential and supporting Love. Best School in Chandigarh. He had junction rectifier her through a series of crisis, till through her had consummated His arrangement of a Carmel – “A Carmel for the Missions.”

Their square measure moments once the arrangement of God and looking out of personalities converge, and such a factor happened with the meeting in Calicut, in Kerala, India, in 1862 between Sister speedwell and Father Marie Ephrem, a French Carmelite. He invited these Sisters as there was a void felt of fine Catholic colleges for the Education of youth. It absolutely was this that determined the inspiration of our Congregation through the instrumentality of Mother speedwell.

Having worked in many colleges in Europe, as a Sister of St. Joseph, she was sent to the Asian nation, Calicut, in 1862. Her teaching apostolate, here, was richly favoured. She showed a special love for the less lucky. She wished all – the wealthy and therefore the poor – to get pleasure from the “goods of the lands” – God’s gift for His individuals. Best School in Chandigarh.

She learnt South Dravidian, desirous to match herself to grant associate all spherical development to the ladies during this new field of labour, wherever South Dravidian was the chief language.

The school progressed quickly. Several Christians, Hindu, Muslim, Parsi families sent their youngsters to the present college wherever all distinction of caste and creed was forgotten.

It was, whereas here, that she detected another decision-a call to enter “Carmel”. Hoping on God and sceptred by Him, she head all difficulties, ridicule, and insults and in 1867 she went back to France to start out the inspiration of Carmel. Best School in Chandigarh. She featured all the challenges né’er let alone hope in God and in 1867 she started atiny low house in city, France and there the Apostolic Carmel was born. She trained a batch of 3 Sisters and sent them to an Asian nation.

As with alternative works taken in religion, yet again the History of the Apostolic Carmel proves the reality of the Biblical maxim : “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the bottom and dies, it remains alone, however if it dies, it bears a lot of fruit.” Jn. 12: 24.

The house in city had to be closed. However, this closure gave the A.C. a singular characteristic-making it fully autochthonic.

It was on nineteenth Nov 1870, that the 3 Sisters landed in Mangalore and commenced the St. Ann’s college for ladies. Mother speedwell had consummated the aim God had for her – “A Carmel for the Missions.”

She had one more decision – a decision to the cloistered Carmel. Really, she may say she lived up to her maxim. “Obedience is my life.”

For succeeding thirty-three years of her life, till her beatific death on Nov sixteen, 1906, she continued to water the small plant, that was transplanted to Asian nation on Nov 1870, along with her prayer and sacrifices.

She left to the Congregation she based her spirit: a private surrender to God’s all sufficing love, and therefore the profound urge to reply to Him in Apostolic work. From the start, the Apostolic Carmel has striven to stay alive this spirit – excellence in Education and alternative Works of Mercy, her love for the poor, her simplicity, happiness, and joy. The education of “girls of all categories and creeds” has been a difficult enough mandate.

The same charism i.e., God’s all sufficing love and zeal that attracted our founding father and unbroken alive by her, Thespian all people to an equivalent Congregation.

As her true daughters, whereas our Education is directed towards {the total|the entire|the World Health Organization {the overall} development of the person we have a tendency to too square measure primarily involved with inculcation of Gospel values in those we have a tendency to educate and forming accountable voters within the country who square measure able to take their place in social, political and cultural life with selflessness and zeal. Our special focus are going to be the formation of committed those that square measure crammed with a way of mission to their country and to the globe. Best School in Chandigarh.

With this in sight, the Apostolic Carmel provides an appropriate instruction for his or her Christian students altogether their colleges and schools and alternative establishments and worth education for his or her non-Christian students that forms a required a part of our syllabus. This doesn’t, in any means, interfere with the non-secular beliefs of alternative denominations. Best School in Chandigarh.

Mary, the Queen, and wonder of Carmel, is our supporter. Like her our decision is primarily to belong to Him, to be immersed in Him, and it’s His overflowing love that urges United States of America to be fully offered to the globe by reaching to go in self removal love. It’s The World Health Organization empowers the United States of America to require up this challenge. Best School in Chandigarh.

This conviction provides assuming to all our effort and urges United States of America to travel forward putt our trust within the Lord of hope, to be associate Apostolic Community, a symbol that proclaims and at an equivalent time lives the message that God is that the Supreme worth in our lives. Best School in Chandigarh.

Today, the sisters cater to the wants of youngsters in high colleges, teacher coaching establishments, degree schools and technical colleges, all of that square measure conducted each in English medium and Regional languages. They additionally run crèches, children’s homes, hostels and boarding homes everywhere Asian nation, in country, Kuwait, Pakistan, Africa, Bahrain, Rome and African nation. Best School in Chandigarh.

The Educational establishments of the Congregation of the Apostolic Carmel, a Catholic Minority (under Article thirty (1) of the Constitution of India) cater to the academic desires of Catholic youngsters. However, they’re additionally hospitable to youngsters of all categories and creeds. Click here to read more about it.

Phone Number : +911722740891

Address : PQWW+G66, 9B, Sector 9B, Chandigarh, 160009

3. St. Anne’s Convent School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future

St. Anne’s Convent college is AN English medium, co-educational senior lyceum, connected to Central Board of teaching (CBSE). It’s a Christian minority establishment, established by the Simla-Chandigarh academic Society, within the year 1977 and administered by the spiritual Congregation of the Ursuline Sisters of Madonna Immaculate, within the church. The varsity is beneath the spiritual jurisdiction of the Catholic Bishop of Simla- Chandigarh bishopric. Best School in Chandigarh.

We live these days in a {very} world that’s very completely different from the one we tend to grew up in, one we tend to were educated in. the globe these days is dynamical at AN accelerated rate, and that we as educators have to be compelled to pause and replicate on this complete system of education. Best School in Chandigarh.

Are our faculties well-equipped to organize our kids to face the challenges that the longer term holds ?

Questions in and of itself area unit the factors that inspire North American nation to travel through an eternal method of reflections and therefore, we at St. Anne’s work on implementing a well-prepared syllabus to confirm that the youngsters UN agency walk into the portals of {our college|our college|our faculty} won’t simply leave their school however really be ready to face the challenges of life. Best School in Chandigarh.

It was Mead UN agency same “Children should be instructed the way to assume, not what to assume,” and to alter this imagination and innovation, learning is inspired through a holistic approach. “To inspire

The Weak, to handle the common and challenge The talented “is the teaching vision of our faculty. Aristotle once same that “Educating the mind while not educating the guts is not any education at all”. While we tend to impart education to match the advancement in technology and economic process, we tend to march our kids ahead with school’s attribute of ethical values and principles. Best School in Chandigarh.

We endeavour perpetually to infix these values of affection, compassion, forgiveness, and peace in our kids. We tend to strive our greatest to assist them to grow and become sensitive and accountable voters of subsequent generation. Click here to read more about it.

Phone Number : +911722603278

Address : 32C, Sector 32, Chandigarh, 160030

4. Saint Kabir Public School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future

I welcome you to our web site. I do hope that this web site offers you insights into our school’s history, philosophy and a short outline of the milestones we’ve reached. This could additionally answer some usual queries of prospective oldsters regarding our Infrastructure, Curriculum, Activities, Sporting facilities, Admission policy etc. Best School in Chandigarh.

However, I do believe that our students, presently at school & ex-students, can best endorse our humble claims to the achievements created by U.S.A., so far.

And for all the Ex-students, reception and much away, I’m assured that your years at St Kabir are worthy in serving to you to choose more academic courses, careers and in taking help choices.

The medium of instruction is English. Additionally, to transmission a high normal of education, the college aims at mobilization the scholars with integrity, spirit and compassion, to face the challenges of the trendy world. The scholars imbibe ethical and moral values through the teachings of our Prophets, nice Gurus and therefore the true and galvanizing message of Bhagat Kabir FTO, as embodied within the Holy Scriptures. Best School in Chandigarh.

The school is found in Sector twenty-six, and therefore the field is touch five acres. The college building contains a designed capability of 1600 students. Besides categories and body areas housed in around a hundred rooms, the college additionally has fashionable well-equipped laboratories, a useful hall, a giant library and a cyber science laboratory. Best School in Chandigarh.

It runs categories from Nursery to category XII with the assistance of ninety-five school members and thirty serving to workers. The lecturer’s area unit extremely qualified and old and therefore the Director liquid body substance Founder Principal, Mr. J.P. Singh has been honoured by the freelance faculties Federation in 2001 – 02, for distinguished service within the field of education. Best School in Chandigarh.

No quantity of theorizing will ever replace a teacher’s dedication and devotion to youngsters, full of expectation and heart for people who teach them the way to address the planet.

In that sense, we have a tendency to at SKPS area unit blessed that our Founder, man JP Singh, selected to be radio-controlled by the realism of Bhagat Kabir FTO in translating his vision of St Kabir Public faculty into the fact that individuals nowadays admire and check out to breed. Best School in Chandigarh.

As the head of our humble and hard-working team, I take this chance to pledge ourselves to upholding the desirable bequest of our college and, by the Grace of God Almighty and therefore the support of our stakeholders, indefatigably serve SKPS in its journey to the very best levels of feat.

“In easier words, we are going to forever stay centered on maintaining an easy, joyful and constructive learning atmosphere in our college in order that our alumni area unit ready to lead healthy, humane and productive lives.” Click here to read more about it.

Phone Number : +911722793437

Address : Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

5. Chitkara International School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future

The journey of such unbelievably long years of Chitkara International faculty portrays the mix of supreme intellect, innovation, research, distinctive collaboration; righteous assessments and world trade connect. The unions of formidable views and therefore the combined action of scholars and human resources have created Chitkara as a chief dispenser of worldwide and futurist education, with innovation and analysis being overriding ingredients. Best School in Chandigarh.

The school is authorized by the standard Council of India (QCI) when being assessed and located to be obliging with NABET demand as per certification customary for Quality faculty Governance. Also, CIS secured noble metal rank out of 460 faculties of Chandigarh at school Health certification project battery-powered by Department of Education Chandigarh (U.T.) in association with PGIMER, Chandigarh and Indian Council of Medical analysis (ICMR). Best School in Chandigarh.

CIS’s due stress on promoting safe and applicable hygiene practices at school has additionally helped the college win district level Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar 2017 from MHRD, Government of India. Also, the college has its footprint within the high fifty faculties of {india|India|Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} doubly in an exceeding row (2017-18) below the National class by Univariety and Fortune India. Best School in Chandigarh.

Moreover, it’s been recognized because the Best faculty in Infrastructure by Digital Learning. With the aim to the college has recognized the basics necessary for making ready students globally, then sparks innovative, crucial and reflective thinking in them.

Adhering to the analysis and following the shadow of the book “Assessment Quotient”, written by Dr Niyati Chitkara, printed by German publishers, LAMBERT, it’s perpetually the hassle of lecturers of CIS to be sensible and innovative in their approach of assessing scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of learning, wherever non-scholastic is exclusive and innovative and has not been touched to this point by anyone until date. Best School in Chandigarh.

The faculty ensures correct sanitation and hygiene within the school premises to cultivate cleanliness and sanitation in an exceedingly comprehensive manner. The fresh water gathering, solar array and lights, seasoner garden, vermicomposter, separate bins for we have a tendency tot and dry waste and alternative operations of {the faculty|the varsity|the college} ar embedded within the school’s philosophy, and thus we surface as a inexperienced school. Click here to read more about it. Best School in Chandigarh.

Phone Number : +919501105703

Address : Udyog Path, Sector 25, Chandigarh, 160014

6. Strawberry Fields High School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future

Education at Strawberry Fields highschool could be a dynamic method that, through reflective and discourse pedagogy, takes on students, educators, and fogeys on Associate in Nursing tantalizing journey that explores the worlds of intellectual, emotional and religious learning.

Our immersive approach helps kids discover their potential and apply their skills, to attach higher to the surrounding planet. It evokes and equips them to become womb-to-tomb learners UN agency ar accountable and compassionate world voters. Best School in Chandigarh.

We observe, learn, question and dare. We have a tendency to engineered our faculty from 1st principles, supported our own observations of however learning thrives. We have a tendency to soak up the newest analysis, however critically question it. We have a tendency to engineered it as a community, supported in mutual respect and with attention on quality. Best School in Chandigarh. We have a tendency to saw order and sweetness emerge from this, not set down by lines or laws. We have a tendency to dared to diverge solely to be an improved faculty, and to decision ourselves Strawberry Fields. Best School in Chandigarh.

Children learn the best once during a state of mental and emotional alertness. Our teaching is intended to stay in this edge, wherever stress is on building a nest of emotional security with self-paced learning and gratifying experiences rather than competitive drills. Best School in Chandigarh. A lecturer has same it best: “My schoolroom could be a mistake-making, laughter-sharing, independence-building, brain-stretching, type of place.” Learning moments, wherever realization happens, ar the key—but they need to be planned and spontaneous.

Years when faculty, you may recognize our alums once you’ll see them— whether in establishments or in self-driven enterprises— in Republic of India or overseas. It’s not simply a ‘certain something’, nor simply the exerciser of quality they exhibit. It’s quality, openness, and initiative that they carry over from their years at college. A respect for beauty, and valuing cluster goals aboard their own. They understand that these absolutely result in high performance in some ways. As world voters, they recognise and ar non moving enough to touch feet, continuously alive to context. Best School in Chandigarh.

Remarkable people, UN agency ar committed to teaching. We have a tendency to choose them as a result of their proficient and aligned to our means, not for his or her degrees. They’re trained to draw every learner bent to crack what’s on the flat solid. They believe in making joyous experiences and use queries, suggestions, and challenges. They script the educational moments that learners keep in mind forever: over time, the perspective that sticks. Best School in Chandigarh.

First, we have a tendency to form our buildings. Thereafter, they form the United States. The Strawberry Field’s engineered surroundings deliberately embodies the terrible plan of the varsity. It’s not an instrumentality for the varsity, however, a neighbourhood of its content. Best School in Chandigarh. Designed to blend within and outside; each play of sunshine, texture, colour, and scale stimulates and protects. The areas are a silent, permanent teacher. They teach quality while not ostentation, inspire discipline with joy, individuality and community, brick by brick. Click here to read more about it.

Phone Number : +911722795903

Address : PRH7+G57, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

7. Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future
Best School in Chandigarh.

Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School is an unaided Christian Minority institution. It had been established within the year 1968. It’s travel by Seraphina Educational Society. The most aim of the Society is education of the youth, especially poor and abandoned Children. Best School in Chandigarh.

We believe the humanitarian path shown to us by our Heavenly Patrons St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare and Venerable Mother Seraphina and every one our efforts are directed towards inculcating the values that our saints professed. Best School in Chandigarh. Their lives are an example before us, a light-weight of virtues that has illuminated our way.

The task of the primary manager of Sacred Heart Chandigarh was handed over to Rev Sr. Veronica, an Italian missionary, in Dec 1967. Rev Sr. Veronica who was also the primary principal of the varsity led the varsity through all the teething problems and gave it a robust foundation. Sr. Lucy is that the present manager of the varsity. Best School in Chandigarh.

It is due to the resilient leadership and therefore the indefatigable spirit of all the managers and Principals of the varsity till date that Sacred Heart stands firm today. Sr. Arti is holding the office of Principal at the present, and it’s under her strong and able leadership that Sacred Heart is sailing smoothly towards its goals. Best School in Chandigarh.

The school features a faculty of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. With their commitment and sincerity, they guide the scholars towards a wholesome future nearly as good citizens of the society. Best School in Chandigarh. Be it academics or sports or the other education , the scholars of Sacred Heart shine in their performance because they need as their mentors and guides a number of the best teachers to carry their hands and lead them, on the righteous and successful path, and it’s no wonder that Sacred Heart today is one among the foremost prestigious educational institutions of the region.

The infrastructure of the varsity and facilities offered to the scholars are conducive to an overall development that helps the scholars to sharpen their faculties, explore their potential, sharpen their communication skills and refine artistic potential through a myriad of activities. Click here to read more about it. Best School in Chandigarh.

Phone Number : +911722792297

Address : PRJ6+9PQ, Sector-26, Chandigarh, 160019

8. St. John’s High School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future
Best School in Chandigarh.

St. John’s highschool may be a Christian Minority institution travel by the CCB in India, which is registered under the Society Registration act of 1860. Best School in Chandigarh.

St. John’s highschool is an all-boys, English Medium, unaided Catholic Minority Institution that falls under the category of spiritual Minority Institutions as defined by the Constitution of India and has obtained its NOC from the UT of Chandigarh. Best School in Chandigarh. It’s a recognized institute with recognition given by the Department of Education , UT. This institute has been affiliated with the CBSE since 1990. The CCBI may be a permanently registered society.

Welcome to the relatives of St. John’s, which may be a Christian minority, private, unaided Educational Institute. Our family, like all other social organization , has its own rules and regulations, promotes cohesiveness amongst its members and is value based. Best School in Chandigarh.

The Edmund Rice Family comprises the Brothers living and dealing in several countries and in various cultures. They recognize and joyfully affirm the emergence of people and groups who are inspired by the vision of Edmund Rice. They acclaim such people and are now working in partnership with them as a neighbourhood of the Edmund Rice family. Best School in Chandigarh.

A prophetic call to a search for justice – one among the calls the Christian Brothers are acutely conscious of , is ” to proclaim Liberty to captives, and to the blind new sight, to line the downtrodden free” (Luke 4 : 18) — A involved social justice that was a matter of considerable concern for Blessed Edmund Rice also . Realizing, however, that pursuing too many injustices simultaneously would be an impossibility, the Brothers chose, as a congregation, to possess one focus that they might address and speak upon. Best School in Chandigarh.

This focus would be keep with their identity as a world congregation dedicated to the education of the young ones of this world. The main target chosen was: the difficulty of the rights of youngsters and people areas that touch on the injustices done to children globally: abuse, child soldiers, street children, indentured slavery, child pornography- the list is endless. Best School in Chandigarh. To effect this, there’s a requirement to possess a right relationship with God’s creation, to reflect on experiences at the margins, minister to the poor and grasp the opportunities that dwell dislocating experiences that move us beyond past methods of teaching justice.

The Brothers are fired by Edmund’s dream and pitch their tent at the margins, where they provide to the poor in handfuls that which money can never buy : dignity through education. They see the misery of God’s people and consumed by compassion, they become the ambassadors of reconciliation, breakers of yokes, voices crying call at the wilderness, “Do not be afraid”. Best School in Chandigarh. So, parents and students, allow us to then, just like the Christian Brothers, also plan to engage in passionate advocacy for the foremost vulnerable in our society, to bring into full flame our shared desire for a world of understanding, compassion and love for God’s creation. Click here to read more about it. Best School in Chandigarh.

Phone Number : +911722792571

Address : Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

9. Saint Soldier International School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future

Saint Soldier International School, a co-educational institution was founded on 3rd January 1973 and is being run and managed by the Saint Soldier International Educational Society (Regd.), known for top academic standards and for promotion of all round development within the background of Indian culture and non-secular heritage, the varsity ethos includes imbibing respect for moral and ethical values within the light of the spiritual and universal teachings of the good Saint Soldier, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Best School in Chandigarh.

The varsity is hospitable one and every one without distinction of race, creed, caste and social station . It endeavours to inculcate among children, the qualities of leadership, scientific thinking, decision-making and national integration. Best School in Chandigarh.

Saint Soldier International School is an English medium school. The varsity is recognized by U.T Administration and is affiliated to the Central Board of education , New Delhi and prepares students for All India Secondary and therefore the Senior Secondary Examination. Best School in Chandigarh.

The priority of the varsity is academic excellence and value-based education in tune with the country’s rich culture and tradition. Best School in Chandigarh. The varsity nurtures all under its tender care in order that the scholars can have a platform to grow and blossom. To realize our goal of multifold development of the youngsters , the curriculum of our college has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of scholars at various levels. The varsity has been divided into five wings: Click here to read more about it.

Phone Number : +911725024738

Address : 1201, Madhya Marg, 28B, Sector 28, Chandigarh, 160101

10. Bhavan Vidyalaya

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Chandigarh Kendra was founded on 17 July 1983. At the present the amount of institutions under the management of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has reached a figure of 373 cover 123 Kendras within the country. Best School in Chandigarh.

Bhavan as an academic organization is devoted to making awareness about India’s rich cultural heritage, unity of all faiths, and customary spiritual truth given to the planet community by sages and seers of our great country. It’s an organization with a national character and a world outlook. Best School in Chandigarh. Bhavan works to shape children into global citizens, and make their name as proud Indians everywhere the planet . The varsity is counted among the top-rated schools in Chandigarh with a superb academic diary . It’s achieved a 42nd rank in India and its academic reputation has been ranked as 4th. It’s an organization with a national character and a world outlook. Best School in Chandigarh.

It believes in and strives for holistic development of the youngsters to beat their individual obstacles and appears beyond the tutorial curriculum.

As of now, the varsity has 2 different wings, i.e., Junior Wing and Senior Wing. The Senior wing comprising classes 6th to 12th is found in Sector 27 B and therefore the Junior wing, constituting nursery to 5th standard, is found in Sector 33 D. Both the wings specialize in robust teaching practices getting the simplest out of the young citizens. Best School in Chandigarh.

Bhavan Vidyalya Chandigarh has unveiled its new branch at New Chandigarh. This new campus at New Chandigarh are going to be third under the umbrella of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chandigarh Kendra. This campus shall be fully functional from the 2022 – 2023 school year . Best School in Chandigarh.


  • The school has been ranked first within the country in Academic Reputation within the 2020-21 School Rankings by Education World. The varsity has also been ranked as Chandigarh’s 2nd Best School across categories and therefore the 2nd best co-educational school within the Tricity.
  • In a survey conducted by Scoo News India, the varsity has been declared the top-performing school in Chandigarh and sixth within the country. This was driven by Bhavan’s average aggregate of 93.54% in school XII and median score of 91.6% in school X in 2019-20.
  • The school won the distinguished CCPCR award given by Chandigarh Commission for cover of kid Rights for its exemplary practices in empowering children with special needs. Best School in Chandigarh.

Student Achievements

  • Bhavan Chandigarh has consistently pursued its goal of being a centre of excellence within the realm of academics and, as is clear from the category XII board results year after year.
  • The students of Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh proved their exceptional mettle with their astounding scores within the Class X and XII (2020-2021) CBSE board exams. Continuing with the legacy of setting benchmarks, the scholars performed exceptionally well in school 12 board exams, with 85.33% of scholars scoring above 90%. Best School in Chandigarh.
  • The top six scorers of State Level National Talent Search Examination (Stage-1) 2020-21 are from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh and have done the varsity proud with their stupendous performance.

Along with academic excellence, the varsity lays equal significance on the co-curricular and extracurricular activities in the least levels and for all age groups-fulfilling its objectives of holistic development of every and each child. Experiential learning through projects like international level BVCMUN conferences and Ascension-Students’ Joint Stock Company, after-school programmes like Clubs and sports coaching, social empowerment programmes like Special Wing for differently-abled children and literacy programmes for the underprivileged children, International immersion programmes through exchange of scholars and teachers, and trips abroad, extensive value education programmes through School Cinema and Interact Club-all this and far more stand testimony to Bhavan’s broad based and holistic vision. Click here to read more about it. Best School in Chandigarh.

Phone Number : +911725041620

Address : Madhya Marg, 27B, Sector 27, Chandigarh, 160019

11. Vivek High School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future
Best School in Chandigarh.

At Vivek, we believe, “to be truly educated is to possess a deeper understanding of ourselves and therefore the world around us”.

We nurture our youngsters during a vibrant and caring environment, and prepare them to become valued members of the community, respecting traditional values. We adopt contemporary pedagogies and technologies within the classroom to equip students with lifelong skills to contribute meaningfully to the worldwide community. Best School in Chandigarh.

The myriad opportunities which are available at college , allow the youngsters to explore their latent talents, celebrate differences, make informed choices and develop an open mind with a spirit of enquiry. Best School in Chandigarh. We endeavour to make a culture of excellence, develop leadership with a way of fair play and solidarity . Our students are given many opportunities to interact with the community so on make a positive difference within the world. They’re encouraged to be humble in their interactions and sensitive to those around them. Best School in Chandigarh.

We value our youngsters and help them develop strength of character, generosity of spirit, integrity of thought, word and action. We instil in them confidence to travel on their own exploratory journey and follow their true calling in life. Click here to read more about it.

Phone Number : +911722698988

Address : Sector 38B, Sector 38, Chandigarh, 160036

12. Saupin’s School

Best School in Chandigarh | Top Best Schools in Chandigarh You Should Go For Your Better Future
Best School in Chandigarh.

While we focus, as educationalists, to organize children emotionally and mentally for examinations and tests to achieve life, we must not fail to recollect that our real objective is to make sure that the youngsters of today become self-reliant, responsible and empathetic adults of tomorrow. Best School in Chandigarh.

It is imperative that we direct our energies into instilling in them the standard of Compassion; the power to feel and care deeply about the surrounding planet, and to possess the required will and courage to translate those feelings into action. Best School in Chandigarh.

We must equally help children develop and strengthen their ‘Ability to Reason’; the power to deliberate and weigh with clarity the various situations that confront them. Though natural to urge influenced by peer pressure, nevertheless we must strive towards making them impervious to mob mentality. Their course of action must be guided by reason, fair play and justice without kindness and thoughtfulness being unduly sacrificed. Best School in Chandigarh.

An indomitable spirit is that the key to a successful life, and Resilience may be a trait critical thereto .

Resilience means having the power to recoup and recover despite encountering defeat. It’s the power to face life head on and accept its challenges. The standard of Resilience will teach children that deed or abandoning on life isn’t an option; that it’s okay to lose a battle, for the war remains to be won. Best School in Chandigarh.

Under the umbrella of education, academics can’t be divorced from the event and growth of inner self. A reflective attitude and an introspective character helps one make correct choices in life, and life is but a series of choices. Best School in Chandigarh.

It is for us to understand that education isn’t only marks and brilliance, though those are desirable things to realize , but a creation of emancipated, rational, receptive and balanced citizens whom the planet can lean upon. Best School in Chandigarh.

The Saupin’s Educational Foundation (TSEF) a body registered under the Societies Registration Act (1860) has not only been involved within the field of education but has also been contributing to the welfare of the weaker and underprivileged members of society for the past three decades. Saupin’s School operates under the aegis of the TSEF. Best School in Chandigarh.

Late Mrs. June Saupin
The foundation of Saupin’s School was laid by Mrs. June Saupin within the year 1977. a woman of vision, Mrs. June Saupin, began to make a centre of learning and education where children experienced the wonder and harmony of life – an area where their hearts and minds might be engaged in pursuit of truth, wisdom, beauty and knowledge. Best School in Chandigarh.

Mrs Saupin began with 6 children from a garage converted into a classroom. From humble beginnings she soon carved a distinct segment for herself because the proprietor of a number one prep school within the city, and from then on there was no looking back. Her dedication and commitment helped her grow from strength to strength. Today, we’ve two branches – A CBSE affiliated lyceum in Chandigarh and a branch in Mohali (Middle school). Our numbers have multiplied over the years and at the present we accommodate over 2000 children. Best School in Chandigarh.

Saupin’s isn’t only synonymous with excellence in education, but is additionally widely recognised for its nurturing warmth and caring for youngsters. It’s one among the foremost wanted schools within the city beautiful. Click here to read more about it.

Phone Number : +911722664732

Address : Plot No. 14, Sector 32A, 32A, Sector 32, Chandigarh, 160030

13. Delhi Public School

Best School in Chandigarh.
Best School in Chandigarh.

DPS Chandigarh, established in 2003 provides a very enabling environment to contribute to the holistic development of every student. With a contemporary building housing a striking Sports Complex, State-of-the-art infrastructure and spacious classrooms, DPS Chandigarh is indeed a feather within the cap of the ‘City Beautiful’. Best School in Chandigarh.

The school is alive to the challenge of moulding students to be lifelong learners by developing their skills as academic achievers, progressive thinkers, effective communicators and empowered citizens who ‘think local but act global’. The transformation from a green field site to a faculty bustling with about 3500 students bears testimony to its phenomenal growth and therefore the school’s commitment to excellence. Best School in Chandigarh.

Aims and Objectives
The broad and balanced school curriculum sets the direction, establishes the goals and implements a technique for getting from where a toddler is, to where he aspires to be.

Our efforts are to encourage all children to understand their true potential and seek educational challenges. We consider the child’s all-round development-intellectual, social, physical, moral and emotional, to be of paramount importance. Best School in Chandigarh. We stand committed to ‘Service Before Self’ and prepare the young learners to act in accordance with a private philosophy that reflects concern for all and understand the moral implications of the varied disciplines.

Like all other Delhi Public Schools, DPS Chandigarh follows the CBSE syllabus. A synergistic mixture of Sports, Music, Dramatics, Dance and Computers with academic classes completes the image of overall growth at DPS Chandigarh. Best School in Chandigarh.

The curriculum has been evolved to realize a balance between the stress accorded to academics and therefore the refore the importance of development of the body and the mind. Best School in Chandigarh.

Academic Programme
Delhi Public School, Chandigarh follows a pattern of fourteen years of schooling. Starting with one year of Nursery (at the age of 3+), followed by one year of Preparatory Class (KG) then 12 years of Secondary and Senior lyceum supported the 10+2 CBSE pattern of instruction. Click here to read more about it. Best School in Chandigarh.

Phone Number : +911722690911

Address : Sector 40C, Sector 40B, Chandigarh, 160036

14. Banyan Tree School

Best School in Chandigarh.
Best School in Chandigarh.

Banyan Tree School, established under the aegis of Ram Krishan & Sons public trust , has been at the forefront of quality education since its inception in 1986. Best School in Chandigarh. Today, banyan School may be a thriving co-educational institution with its presence felt in Delhi, Lucknow, Jagdishpur, Jaipur, Bhopal and Chandigarh.

Banyan Tree School offers a good and varied experience of learning that has been tailored to the precise needs of youngsters . Our model of teaching and learning has the tenets of integration and differentiation at its core. Best School in Chandigarh.

We will provide, in partnership with the oldsters , an interesting learning environment during which every child is cared for and valued for his or her individuality, creativity and heritage. Within a green, safe and caring campus, we’ll make sure that students of all ability levels are ready to excel. Best School in Chandigarh.

We will encourage each student to realize his or her full potential by promoting curiosity and enthusiasm, and equip them for the stress and opportunities of the longer term .
We will make every effort to make sure that our youngsters leave school with:

1. a group of spiritual and moral values – honesty, integrity and good judgement.
2. An enquiring and discriminating mind and a desire for knowledge.
3. Strong self-esteem and high personal expectation.
4. Independence and confidence.
5. Tolerance and respect for others.

We believe that each child is entitled to enjoy his/her childhood. We would like our youngsters to require with them happy memories of the years spent with us. Click here to read more about it.

Phone Number : +911724602452

Address : Sector 48B, Sector 48, Chandigarh, 160047

15. Shivalik Public School

Best School in Chandigarh.
Best School in Chandigarh.

Shivalik Public School, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), an English-medium and co-educational residential-cum-day school affiliated to the Central Board of education , New Delhi under the 10+2 pattern. The varsity was established in 1976 in its own 10-acre, sprawling campus. There’s a provision for about 500 students in its residential school with all the fashionable amenities. Best School in Chandigarh. The varsity has made a notable addition to its existing infrastructure which incorporates the primary Indoor deco-turf court , astro -turf hockey ground and state-of-the-art Auditorium biggest within the northern region and a multipurpose Gymnasium. Over the years, it’s emerged into a crucial educational and cultural hub of the region. Best School in Chandigarh.

Among the prominent educational institutions within the northern region, Shivalik Public School occupies an area of pride. The immense service that the varsity has rendered to the scholar community in academics, sports and socio-cultural spheres is noteworthy. Shivalik Public School is an English medium, co-educational school which strives to develop the varied facets of a child’s personality through quality education. it’s managed by the Shivalik Educational Society (Regd.), Chandigarh, a public trust . “Victory with Determination” the motto of the varsity , sets before the students a thought of positive thinking, resulting in sure success. Best School in Chandigarh.

“Victory With Determination” sets before the students a thought of positive thinking and sure success.

The mission of the Shivalik Public Schools is to supply a holistic, safe and secure teaching and learning environment which can make sure that all students will have the tutorial , social, and life skills to achieve success , empowered and be lifelong learners during a global society. Click here to read more about it. Best School in Chandigarh.

Phone Number : +911722626913

Address : Buterla Village Rd, Buterla, Sector 41B, Sector 41, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh 160041

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