Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Sydney Amazing for Children

Best Primary Schools in Sydney ? We’ve listed some of the best Primary Schools in Sydney. There are many good schools in Bangalore, but we’ve listed only the top 10 best Primary Schools in Sydney.

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1. Girraween Public School : Best Primary Schools in Sydney

Best Primary Schools in Sydney
Address : 9 Bando Rd, Girraween NSW 2145

Girraween Public School will create 21st century learners through innovative, culturally sensitive, teaching practice with a focus on project based learning and technology. 

We aim to achieve our vision through a focus on: best primary schools in Sydney

  • Implementing high standards of education through quality literacy programs and enhancing comprehension
  • mathematics. Developing students’ mathematical reasoning and creative activity in preparation for life in the 21st century
  • project based learning (PBL), creating a dynamic and quality learning environment by extending students through project based learning.

Phone Number : +61296313650

Official Website :

2. Matthew Pearce Public School : Best Primary Schools in Sydney

Best Primary Schools in Sydney
Address : 4G Astoria Park Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

Matthew Pearce Public School is an innovative, dynamic and a highly inclusive school, providing outstanding teaching and learning programs. Included within the school population are a wide-range of high potential and gifted students. Wellbeing is supported by practices that enhance students’ sense of belonging, value student voice and promote engagement in learning. Students are guided to be safe, respectful and responsible learners. Through the situational analysis, a sustained focus on developing a ‘sense of belonging’ and ‘connectedness to each other’ for students is evident. 

Our school celebrates diversity with over 88% of our students from language backgrounds other than English and representing a wide variety of cultural groups. The school promotes understanding, acceptance and inclusivity in all programs. These experiences allow students to engage and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Phone Number : +61296243311

Official website :

3. Hornsby North Public School

Best Primary Schools in Sydney
Address : 52 Ida St, Hornsby NSW 2077

Hornsby North Public School established in 1966 is a student focused school. Set in spacious grounds with bush corridors maintained by parents, staff and students, opportunities for environmental education through the integrated curriculum are many and varied. Strong foundations are established through excellent early learning programs and enrichment opportunities are available at all levels. Best primary schools in Sydney

Community support is strong and parents are true partners in the educational directions of the school. The construction of an outdoor classroom in 2000 was the result of cooperation between parents, staff and the founder of kayaking for kemo kids. The school’s mission statement caring for children, educating for life was developed in consultation with teachers and parents. Our mission is to educate students as lifelong learners.

This will be achieved by: providing a comprehensive educational curriculum with an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and technology; developing a caring school, with positive student welfare programs and a team of committed professional educators; ensuring parent community participation in the school; fostering pride in public education. Best primary schools in Sydney

Phone Number : +61299874605

Official website :

4. Bexley Public School

Best Primary Schools in Sydney
Address : 330-354 Forest Rd, Sydney NSW 2207

Bexley Public School has been serving the community for over 125 years.

The school is a dynamic school that serves a community rich in diversity and character which provides a solid academic grounding whilst offering all children the oppurtunity to develop their own personal strengths and interests to their full potential. We achieve this by offering a balanced curriculum delivered by an experienced and committed teaching staff within our school values:

  • Respect
  • cooperation
  • care 
  • participation.

Phone Number : +61295673501

Official Website :

5. Homebush Public School

Best Primary Schools in Sydney
Address : Rochester St, Homebush NSW 2140

The Homebush Public School community is committed to educational goals which we believe will prepare our students to live fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.

Homebush Public School wishes to acknowledge the custodians of this land, the Wangal people of the Eora nation and their Elders past and present. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

Phone Number : +61297469171

Official website :

6. Chatswood Public School

Best Primary Schools in Sydney
Address : 5 Centennial Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

With the opening of the North Shore railway in 1890, the population of Chatswood grew and so did the enrolments at the school. With the overcrowding, the parents  began to lobby for a new school closer to Chatswood Station. The Department subsequently acquired the current site on the Pacific Highway, previously an orchard. A one-storey, three-roomed school of brick with stone dressings and a slate roof was built in 1895, plus a teacher’s residence, opening in January 1896. These rooms were on the southern end of the current building. Best primary schools in Sydney

Alexander Noble was appointed the Principal and the school had an enrolment of 240 students in its first year. With the population increasing more accommodation was needed, so an extension of three rooms was added to the school opening in 1898. They were built in keeping with the original building.

Phone Number : +61294196127

Official Website :

7. Marrickville West Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Sydney
Address : Beauchamp St, Marrickville NSW 2204

Marrickville West is a primary school with a strong commitment to providing quality education in a supportive and personalised environment. Marrickville West takes pride in its culturally diverse community. The school has an inclusive enrolment policy and strives to ensure that all students benefit from the professional “best practice” offered by its experienced team of teaching and educational support staff. Learning programs challenge and develop students at all levels and a strong student welfare policy ensures every child is given the necessary opportunity and support to reach their personal best.

Our school motto, ‘Work As One’ accurately describes the ethos that underpins our teaching philosophy and our commitment to quality public education. These words also provide a powerful message for students at Marrickville West, who are encouraged to develop their individual potential while learning to work together in a positive, productive and respectful way.

We invite you to visit Marrickville West and witness the friendly, energetic atmosphere for yourself. I am always happy to meet new members of the community and welcome the opportunity to show our wonderful school.

Phone Number : +61295581137

Official Website :

8. Ultimo Public School

Address : 47/53 Jones St, Ultimo NSW 2007

Ultimo Public School was established  in 1880 and is situated on the southern fringe of the Sydney CBD and Darling Harbour. The school site underwent a complete redevelopment  from March 2018 to March 2020, and operations commenced at the new state of the art school on Monday 16 March 2020.

The school population comprises 372 students from diverse cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. 69% of students are from language backgrounds other than English, and 4% of students identify as Aboriginal. There are 42 languages and the most significant language groups represented are Mandarin (13%), Cantonese (8%) Japanese (7%), Indonesian (6%) and Korean, Thai and Arabic (4% each).

Phone Number : +61296602130

Official website :

9. St Patrick’s Primary Parramatta

Address : Villiers St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Steeped in history, St Patrick’s Parramatta is one of the oldest catholic schools in the Parramatta diocese. The school was established by an Irish order of nuns, the Sisters of Mercy and it is our aim that the charism of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the sisters is clear and present in all aspects of the school. Respect, Compassion and Resilience are all qualities Catherine McAuley demonstrated towards the poor and vulnerable of her time, and are personal attributes we strive to gain and display in our community.

Our vision is to be a child-centred faith community within an innovative and interactive learning environment. We endeavour to celebrate each other’s uniqueness by providing opportunity for all and to develop a culture that identifies that the journey towards excellence is often paved with trial and error, risk taking, learning from mistakes, flexibility and adaptability. We believe that encouraging students to take ownership of the learning is critical in achieving the best learning outcomes and that implicit in this concept is that students learn their own areas of strength and areas of development, through useful and explicit feedback.

Phone Number : +61288324600

Official Website :

10. St Ives North Public School

Address : 87 Memorial Ave, St. Ives, NSW 2075

Welcome to St Ives North Public School and the beginning of an exciting journey that will lay the foundation blocks for life-long learning.

Our school has a proud tradition of academic excellence. Our commitment to the achievement of educational excellence is demonstrated by the provision of a wide range of programs and our dedication to teaching and learning to cater for the individual learning needs of students.

Our students thrive in the nurturing and safe learning environment created by a dedicated team of highly trained teaching professionals and support staff. Student independence, responsibility, resilience and self-confidence are fostered through specifically targeted initiatives in academic, cultural and sporting areas. A spirit of inclusion, caring for others and safety is encouraged throughout the school. Best primary schools in Sydney

We are proud of our Gifted Unit, which has been successfully operating for over 25 years and is regarded as an innovative and inspiring example of best practice in the education of gifted students. The same high quality teaching policies and practices applied in our Gifted Unit are clearly evident in all mainstream classes, as evidenced by the consistently high NAPLAN results recorded in our school.

Phone Number : +61291447743

Official Website :

Which are the best Primary Schools in Sydney?

These are the best Primary Schools in Sydney.

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