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Meaning of Vardaan

Meaning of Vardaan is “Boon; God’s Reward; Precious Gift …“.

Motto of The Vardaan International Academy

Motto – Exploring New Heights

Teaching employees Vardaan International Academy

Vardaan International Academy
Vardaan School Lucknow

Their team of economical school members holds the many responsibilities of not solely impartation education to students however conjointly inculcating in them high ethical values. They, at VIA have fine, educated and professionally trained academics whose compassionate and caring perspective helps in obtaining things across to students terribly simply.

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Attendance Vardaan International Academy

All pupils should attend faculty duly and often. No pupil is allowed to depart the faculty premises throughout school hours while not the permission of the principal.

The Parents could meet the subsequent As Per The Schedule Given Below :

  • Principal-with previous appointment (on all operating days).
  • Parents ar requested not go on to category|the category} to satisfy the academics as they’ll not be ready to leave their class to attend to you.
  • Parents ar requested to satisfy the various academics for any data regarding their kid on PTM or solely with previous appointment.
  • Parents ar requested to drop and develop their youngsters.
  • Kindly make sure that the main points in diary ar completed.
  • Kindly guarantee timely payment of fees to avoid inconvenience.

House Culture of Vardaan International Academy

The students ar divided into four homes referred to as Joy, Peace, Hope & Unity. This division provides opportunities for a lot of intimate organization and for a healthy competition in sports and alternative activities between the homes. Every House are going to be responsible for a master, UN agency is answerable for grooming the scholars with the assistance of alternative House Tutors and Prefects. The system encourages a way of team work and community responsibility.

Medium of Vardaan International Academy

The medium of transmission of education are going to be English. The teacher is going to be victimization Hindi yet for the youngsters with not a robust English background. All the assignments can got to be worn out English. Vardaan International Academy college is related to the Council of the Central Board of Education, New Delhi…

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Facilities offered by Vardaan International Academy

Vardaan International Academy is going to be giving the simplest potential Infrastructure and Facilities to the scholars. All aspects needed to groom a child’s temperament are going to be touched. The Academy is going to be running in an exceedingly non-polluted atmosphere with spacious schoolrooms, a fashionable Library, laptop space, Music and Dance space, play space for the tiny-tots, Sports Ground for outside games, etc. accessibility of unpolluted water for youngsters also will be taken care of. Be sure, your kid once in Vardaan International Academy is in safe hands.

Principal’s Message of Vardaan International Academy

Richa Khanna – Principal of Vardaan International Academy

The “Rising Sun” could be an image of a replacement starting.

Every day, because the sun rises, it brings forth new opportunities and new experiences. We, at Vardaan International Academy, ar beginning this new endeavour with new zeal and hope that your religion and patience in U.S. can sure lead U.S. to success. So, step to the fore to realize a rare combination of educational Excellence and Virtuous temperament for kid as a result of Vardaan International Academy is that the good mix of Schooling and Nurturing. We promise, along we are going to sure explore new heights and facilitate your kid reach the celestial point of success.

Richa Khanna

About the Lab’s of Vardaan International Academy

About the Lab's of  Vardaan International Academy
About the Lab’s of Vardaan International Academy

Children area unit nΓ©’er known in any observations; ought to photos or footage of youngsters ever be thought-about for aside from in-house instructional use, your permission would be requested.

Attending a science laboratory college is AN enriching expertise for youngsters in many ways, as well as the very fact that they get to grasp a variety of scholars of various ages, interests, and backgroundsβ€”making it a living laboratory for the children’s in progress β€œresearch” within the world! Vardaan International Academy.

Maths Lab of Vardaan International Academy

Mathematics is Associate in Nursing oxymoron subject adored by some unloved by different. Doing the sums much removes the concern, therefore the Academy offers a well-equipped Maths science laboratory. The schoolroom teaching integrates with student’s visit to the Maths science laboratory and Abacus becomes a game – a fun crammed game.

Biology research laboratory of Vardaan International Academy

Since the Academy offers Biology at senior Secondary level bio lab is supplied up so far. The fossils, plants, lovely charts all enhance the research laboratory.

Computer Lab of Vardaan International Academy

The advanced technology finds an acceptable place within the Academy’s laptop space. Their square measure thirty-six computers. Students from category pre-primary ahead visit the labs as per their timetable and also the mouse opens a wholly totally different world to them jam-packed with myriad colours.

Physics Lab of Vardaan International Academy

Jubilee Hills Public faculty is proud to own a complicated research lab with the most recent state-of-the art facilities that equip the scholars to own hands on expertise. The flat-top tables used as student workstations enable multiple arrangements and mixtures for laboratory work and small-group activities.

The instrumentality ranges from the normally found lens, magnet, balance, spring scale, glass prism to the advanced equipment like meter, meter and resistors and spectrometers to call a couple of. The laboratory is additionally equipped with AN Interactive board And an alphanumeric display projector that enables the lecturers to include the most recent technology in their lessons to arouse the interest and curiosity of the scholars. Vardaan International Academy.

Library Vardaan International Academy

A rich library may be a place of pride for the Academy. There ar associate degree calculable four thousand books starting from subjects to fiction and non-fiction. These books ar accessible in each of the languages -English and Hindi.

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Sports Vardaan International Academy

Sports Vardaan International Academy

The off recurrent remark β€œKeeping body and mind together”, is nearly translated in Academy’s Sports area. Outside and indoor games are in lots. Besides indoor games like Carrom, Chess, board game kids are trained in outside games like court game, volleyball, cricket and soccer. Since the Senior Secondary level all the most recent equipments in sports ar provided as per C.B.S.E. norms.

Music in Vardaan International Academy

Culture in its true type finds associate degree adequate place within the Academy. Instruments starting from Tabla to Casio to Dholak to free-reed instrument ar accessible, and that they aren’t solely to show items. Right from schoolwork to senior categories have music in their schedule wherever students visit the music area to translate Shakespeare’s words, β€œ Music, the soul of body, play on”.


Geetapuri, Khargapur,
Gomti Nagar Extension Lucknow – 226010.

School Timings

Mon-Fri : 7:30AM to 1:30PM
Sat : 7:30AM to 12 Noon

Contact Vardaan International Academy

Phone: +91 9335935735
Phone: +91 9161278317
Email: [email protected]


Affiliation No.

School Affiliation No : 2131778
School No : 55258

Some Photos of Most famous, memorable and best batch of Vardaan International Academy 2020-2021

Vardaan International Academy
Some Photos of Most famous, memorable and best batch of Vardaan International Academy 2020-2021
 Some Photos of Most famous, memorable and best batch of Vardaan International Academy 2020-2021
Some Photos of Most famous, memorable and best batch of Vardaan International Academy 2020-2021

Fair well of Vardaan International Academy of 2020-2021 batch

Fair well Photos of best batch of Vardaan International Academy 2020-2021
Fair well Photos of best batch of Vardaan International Academy 2020-2021
Fair well Photos of best batch of Vardaan International Academy 2020-2021
Fair well Photos of best batch of Vardaan International Academy 2020-2021

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