Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List & Guide

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List & Guide

Welcome to’s comprehensive ‘Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List & Guide.’ If you’re seeking expert advice and detailed rankings to master the game, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the best Quirks and strategies to dominate in Anime Champions Simulator.

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Before diving into the tier list, let’s clarify the criteria we’ve used to evaluate Quirks in Anime Champions Simulator:

  1. Effectiveness: How powerful and versatile is the Quirk in battle?
  2. Synergy: Does the Quirk complement the abilities of other characters in your team?
  3. Availability: How easy is it to obtain and level up the Quirk?
  4. Utility: Does the Quirk offer unique utility, such as healing or crowd control?

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List

Discover the Top Quirks in Anime Champions Simulator: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Abilities! In this comprehensive Anime Champions Simulator Tier List, we’ve meticulously categorized the available quirks into distinct tiers, ensuring your always in the know about the most powerful quirks to acquire.

  • S-Tier: OP
  • A-Tier: Best
  • B-Tier: Good
  • C-tier: Average
  • D-tier: Below Average


  • Black Hole
  • Leprechaun
  • Giant
  • Archmage


  • Thief
  • Sniper
  • Lucky


  • Collector
  • Genius
  • Sorcerer


  • Rich
  • Strong
  • Teleport


  • Speed
  • Accurate

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List

Let’s delve into the abilities of each Quirk within the game, along with the extent of the stat enhancements your champion can anticipate when equipped with a specific Quirk!

QuirkRoll%Avg RollsStatIIIIII
Accurate1.30%76.92Crit %
Sorcerer1.30%76.92Ability DMG1.151.31.5
Fast1.30%76.92Attack Speed & Move Speed1.21.52
Genius1.30%76.92XP Required0.90.80.67
Teleport1.30%76.923 Moves Speed & 1.5 Attack Speed–––
Leprechaun0.20%500.001.2 Luck, 1.4 Coins, 1.75 Move Speed, 2.25 Attack Speed, 0.6 Size–––
Thief0.20%500.001.3 DMG, 1.5 Drops, 1.5 Attack Speed, 1.5 Move Speed–––
Sniper0.20%500.001.25 DMG & 1.75 Crit Chance–––
Giant0.20%500.001.5 DMG, 1.5 Crit Chance, 1.75 Size–––
Archmage0.20%500.001.4 DMG, 1.5 Ability DMG, Ability Charge +20–––
Black Hole0.03%3,333.331.5 DMG, 1.5 Crit Chance, 1.5 Attack Speed, 1.5 Ability DMG, 1.5 Move Speed, Teleport to Enemies–––

How do you Reroll a Quirk

To begin with, in order to initiate a Quirk reroll, you’ll need to undertake the process of restoring the Magic Tree and then proceed to enter its portal. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Quirk rerolls cannot be performed while you are situated in Pirate Town. Instead, once you’ve entered the portal, you will find yourself in Champion’s Town, the dwelling place of the Magic Tree. As you acquaint yourself with the environment, take a look on the right side of the leaderboards. There, you will come across a pathway leading directly to the Magic Tree, a prominent landmark that’s quite hard to miss.

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