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Fortnite XP Map Codes | XP Map Fortnite | Free XP Map Code [2022]

Fortnite XP Map Codes | XP is a hot resource in many games, and it’s also in demand in Fortnite. With XP, you may not only level up your Account Level however also complete the Battle Pass. however sometimes, there isn’t enough time to get that a lot of XP in Fortnite. however there are ways in which to get high amounts of XP, XP Glitches. In this guide, I will show you the XP glitch Map Codes for Fortnite.

Fortnite XP Map Codes

In Fortnite, there’s AN XP glitch that lets you get like 100K XP in each 5 minutes or so. This can be by far the most effective and fastest getting of obtaining XP in Fortnite. To perform the glitch, you may need to enter the Map codes given below. Follow the below steps to perform the XP glitch.

  • The First Step is to get into Creative.
  • So from the Main Menu, click on Play.
  • From there, click Creative under the Discover Tab.
  • Once you get into the game, there will be 4 Map Consoles. Two on each side.
  • You must go to the Left-side pair of Map Consoles in Fortnite Creative.
  • I repeat, got to the Left-side and not the right side as this XP Glitch will not work.
  • Once you are on the Left-side, on the first console from the left enter this Map Code: 788258955239?v=25.
  • Enter the Map Code and Accept it. Now let the Map load.
  • Till the first Map loads up, enter the second Map Code on the other Map Console.
  • The Map Code being: 837565328490 and then accept the code. Now, wait for this Map to load up too.
  • Once both maps load upenter the first map that you had entered the code for.
  • You will spawn inside a store in the Fortnite Map.
  • Leave the Store and get into one of the free cars.
  • Drive the car towards the opening near the sign that says “CARS WILL RESET AFTER 2 MINUTES OF INACTIVITY”.
  • Once you do, you will see two Boxes with Bounce Pads on the floor and ceilings of those boxes.
  • Enter into any of these boxes, and you start getting crazy amounts of XP.
  • Although beware of the smaller Box will give you more XP, but it will also crash your game after a while.
  • So I would recommend hopping in the bigger box to perform the XP Glitch.
Fortnite XP Map Codes | XP Map Fortnite | Free XP Map Code

And there you have it, that is how you can perform the XP Glitch in Fortnite using these Map Codes. Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you. You can also check our guides.

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