How to Earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals

How to Earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals in 2023

How to Earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals | In the world of Party Animals, Nemo Bucks and Cookies reign supreme as the two primary currencies. These valuable resources allow players to make microtransactions at the Item Shop. However, there comes a time in the game when your Nemo Bucks and Cookies run dry. In such moments, it’s crucial to know how to replenish them without resorting to real money purchases. So, let’s dive into the ways you can earn more Nemo Bucks and Cookies within the game.

How to Earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals

The most straightforward method to acquire Nemo Bucks and Cookies is by leveling up during gameplay. Each time you level up, you’ll be rewarded with these two currencies. To expedite your leveling progress, consider completing weekly challenges, securing more knockouts, and winning matches. Additionally, if you find yourself with an abundance of Nemo Bucks, you can convert them into Cookies following these steps:

  1. While on the main menu screen, locate and click on the Cookies icon at the bottom.
  2. Next, employ the Exchange button to specify the amount of Cookies you wish to exchange for your Nemo Bucks.
  3. Finally, confirm the conversion by selecting the Top-Up button.

How Many Nemo Bucks and Cookies Can You Earn?

As you progress through the levels, here’s the breakdown of how many Nemo Bucks and Cookies you can earn in Party Animals:

  • Up to level 100, you can collect 5,600 Nemo Bucks and 66,500 Cookies.
  • After reaching level 100, you’ll receive 3,000 Cookies every time you advance a level.

Here’s a handy reference of the levels at which you’ll be rewarded with Nemo Bucks and Cookies:

Table depicting the levels and corresponding rewards

41,500 Cookies
71,500 Cookies
8200 Nemo Bucks
111,500 Cookies
13200 Nemo Bucks
141,500 Cookies
171,500 Cookies
201,500 Cookies
21400 Nemo Bucks
241,500 Cookies
25200 Nemo Bucks
271,500 Cookies
301,500 Cookies
32200 Nemo Bucks
331,500 Cookies
361,500 Cookies
38400 Nemo Bucks
391,500 Cookies
421,500 Cookies
44200 Nemo Bucks
451,500 Cookies
471,500 Cookies
501,500 Cookies
532,500 Cookies
54200 Nemo Bucks
552,500 Cookies
58600 Nemo Bucks
592,500 Cookies
61200 Nemo Bucks
622,500 Cookies
652,500 Cookies
67200 Nemo Bucks
682,500 Cookies
712,500 Cookies
732,500 Cookies
74600 Nemo Bucks
782,500 Cookies
802,500 Cookies
81200 Nemo Bucks
842,500 Cookies
862,500 Cookies
87200 Nemo Bucks
892,500 Cookies
925,000 Cookies
93600 Nemo Bucks
975,000 Cookies
991,000 Nemo Bucks
How to Earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals

I hope this table format makes it easier to read and understand the rewards you can earn in Party Animals at different levels.

If you’d rather skip the grind and obtain rewards directly, you can explore the Party Animals Codes guide, where all the redeemable codes are listed.

That sums up the ways you can earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies within Party Animals. For more gaming-related content, be sure to explore our selection of Video Game Guides, where you’ll find plenty of entertaining and informative guides to enhance your gaming experience. How to Earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals.

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