How To Get Cases In CS2

How To Get Cases In CS2

How To Get Cases In CS2? | Are you eager to learn how to obtain cases in CS2 and unlock new weapon skins and stickers? Well, you’re in the right place. The latest installment in the Counter-Strike series retains many of the core mechanics, including cases and keys, offering players a wide range of cases to explore. By opening these cases with available keys, you can unlock rewards such as weapon and equipment skins, and sometimes even stickers. Additionally, players have the option to trade or sell the cases for extra in-game currency. If you’re curious about how to acquire the various types of cases in Counter Strike 2, read on for a comprehensive guide.

How to Get Cases in CS2

There are a couple of methods to get your hands on cases in CS2. Here are the in-game methods to obtain them:

Weekly Care Package | How To Get Cases In CS2

Counter Strike 2 introduces a new drop system called the “Weekly Care Package,” which combines the Case drop and Item drop features from CSGO. Players can earn cases and other item drops by ranking up their account level once a week. After ranking up through gameplay, you can claim your rewards, which will include a case along with other items like skins and stickers. To claim the case, simply head to the Store Tab and select the Home option. Here, you’ll find all your pending rewards, and you can acquire the case for free.

Purchase Cases | How To Get Cases In CS2

Alternatively, players can purchase cases in CS2 from the Steam Market. This is one of the most reliable and efficient ways to obtain cases in the game. You can browse through the different types of cases available on the market and check out the rewards each case offers. Keep in mind that purchasing cases will require real money, but it’s a straightforward process. While some third-party websites may offer cases at lower prices, it’s recommended to buy cases directly from the Steam Market. Moreover, you can trade or sell the cases back on the market.

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