How to get Gear 4 in Haze Piece

How to get Gear 4 in Haze Piece – Gear 4 Book

How to get Gear 4 in Haze Piece. | In the latest update of Haze Piece, an exciting transformation awaits if you possess the Rubber Fruit – Gear 4! Unlocking Gear 4 in Haze Piece involves several steps. First, you need to purchase Gear 2 from the Fitness Trainer Yoka, who can be found in the secret passage on Bubble Island. After that, you must level up to 1900 and then take on a challenging boss battle against a Luffy look-alike. If you’re lucky, you might obtain a Gear 4 book from defeating this boss. Here’s a detailed guide on how to secure this sought-after Gear 4 Book in Haze Piece.

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Haze Piece Gear 4 Book – How to Obtain Gear 4

Getting your hands on the Gear 4 Book in Haze Piece requires a fair bit of luck. Head to Bubble Island once you’ve reached the recommended level of 1900 or higher. Navigate to the northern part of the spawning area, where you’ll find a ramp. Ascend it to face off against a boss who bears a striking resemblance to the immensely buffed-up Luffy from One Piece. How to get Gear 4 in Haze Piece.

Your objective is to defeat this Luffy boss, as there’s a slim 0.5% chance that he’ll drop the Gear 4 Book upon defeat. Currently, this is the sole method for acquiring the Gear 4 Book, and it might take you quite a few attempts, possibly even several hundred. With a drop rate as low as 0.5%, be prepared to engage in numerous battles against Luffy, all in the hope of obtaining the incredibly rare Gear 4 Book.

Each time you defeat Luffy, be sure to check the ground for the book; it’s rather conspicuous. Once you pick it up and hold it, you’ll see a message on your screen saying, “A mysterious book…” At this point, you have the option to either “Use” it or “Drop” it; you cannot store it in your inventory.

How to get Gear 4 in Haze Piece – How To Get Gear 2 and Gear 4 in Haze Piece Roblox

Before you challenge Luffy, ensure that you are adequately prepared, as he is a formidable opponent. Bubble Island is the second-highest level island in Haze Piece, with a minimum level requirement of 1900 to initiate quests. So, even if you’ve unlocked Gear 2 at level 750, don’t assume you can immediately access Gear 4. It’s advisable to level up further before taking on Luffy repeatedly in the hopes of obtaining the elusive Gear 4 Book. For more assistance, you might want to watch a video tutorial like “How To Get Gear 2 and Gear 4 in Haze Piece Roblox” on YouTube by Nikkolapz.

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