How to Unblock Geo Restricted Games for PS4 or PS5

Why is Content Geo-Blocked?

Before we move to ways on how to make a game not blocked, we should understand why developers close games by geo. As a rule, there are two main reasons for games not being available for some countries and regions. They are business and censorship. Let’s analyse these reasons in detail.

First, it is worth mentioning that prices on various games for PS4/PS5 differ from country to country. Also, rates may depend on the strength of currency or taxes. For example, if a gamer lives in the USA, he/she will pay a higher price for a game. Thus, it is not a surprise if such citizens want to purchase the desired game cheaper. How is it possible? These gamers simply pay for the game from the country where the same game is available at a lower price. Also, we should note that games can be restricted in order to protect local businesses if these games are released by big companies.

Censorship is another reason for a blocked online game. Governments of many countries refer strictly to this issue. For instance, the Chinese government has banned approximately 10000 domain names because of their internet censorship. As one may guess, games aren’t an exception.

No matter the restrictions and reasons for their setting, users find ways how to play blocked games. If a game is restricted by geo, then the best solution is to change your geolocation. Let’s find out how one can do this virtually but not physically.

Install VPN Directly on the TV

Having a VPN on TV enables gamers to conceal their real geolocations. For this, the unblocker of content will change users’ IP addresses. Of the number of Virtual Private Networks, there is one VPN Smart TV that is surely worth trust and attention. With VeePN, you can purchase a game from another region without effort. Also, users are able to sort out how to set up a VPN on Smart TV within the moment. All they should do is search for this application in the Google Play Store or Amazon store on the Smart TV, select a subscription plan, and connect to the server. That’s all, free of restrictions and secure streaming is available for you. Many gamers use a VPN on Smart TV and enjoy their favourite games.

Install VPN on the Router

Unluckily, it is impossible for gamers to install a Virtual Private Network directly on their PS4/PS5. The reason is that consoles and some devices don’t possess native support for VPNs. Fortunately, users can set up Virtual Private Networks on their routers. After you do this, your PS4/PS5 console will automatically utilize the Virtual Private Network connection every time it accesses the internet through the router.

You have the possibility to utilize your existing router. Of course, everything will depend on what Virtual Private Network provider you decide to make use of. What’s more interesting is that you can get an out-of-the-box VPN router. Still, you should be ready to pay higher prices since these routers are quite expensive.

How to play a blocked online game via VPN on your router? First, you should log into the admin page of your router. Search for the tab titled “Network “. This tab may be likewise named “WAN”, “Settings”, or “Setup”. Then, enter information according to the instructions of the provider. Do not forget to save changes and only after that you can log out of the admin page.

Next, you should start up your PS4/PS5 and move to Settings>Network Settings>Set up Internet Connection>Use Wi-Fi. Your task is to select “Easy” for the connection method. Finally, you should choose your Wi-Fi network from the offered list and connect to it. Do not forget to check the “Do Not Use a Proxy Server” option.

Register an Account

The last but not least way how to play blocked games is to share your VPN connection through your desktop or laptop. For this, users should have an Ethernet cable in order to connect their PS4/PS5 consoles to a desktop or laptop when they run a Virtual Private Network connection on them. Gamers should register an account through VPN, log in only under VPN and enjoy playing all desired games.


It is always a pleasant moment when a gamer purchases a new PS5 console. Nevertheless, a situation may happen when one may discover that not all games are available for playing. Thus, the question “How do I unlock my PS5 region lock?” will arise for sure.

To save your time, we gathered valuable tips on how to make the desired game not blocked. All you need to have is a reliable and reputable Virtual Private Network. It can be installed on your Smart TV, your router, or your PC/laptop. With VPN, you can get access to your favourite games for both PS4/PS5 consoles.

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