Star Chef 2 Restaurant Game Review

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Star Chef 2 Restaurant Game Review

Do you like cooking games if you do you will definitely like star chef too unlike most cooking games this is more like a restaurant simulator where you focus on building and expanding your restaurant. I named mine John’s place and managing your kitchen there are several stations that you have to manage, and you unlock more as the game progresses. You can buy nearby neighbouring spaces to expand your restaurant the goal is to serve the customers what they want to earn points to level up, and you have to make sure that you have enough ingredients prepared each dish.

Unlike most cooking games where it’s more like time management we just have to push off as many meals you can this one you really have to think about what they have available. The food truck is where you can buy the ingredients that you need by using some of the points that you acquire you can also buy already prepared meals that you can go ahead and sell to your customers. There’s also the garden where you can plant and grow your own vegetables, or you can visit the grocery store and there you can find everything you need.

This is what this game differs from most cooking games you have to keep up with your ingredients that you have on hand so that includes keeping up with each individual order because as you play it you unlock more and more dishes to serve and each one of these dishes require different ingredients and multiple tables can want the same station to cook different dishes and that will require you to go back to the store to pick up additional items for more dishes.

You can also prepare multiple dishes at the same time and if you have the money you can speed up the process and purchase and speed up to help get it out faster to the customer if you see a green circle over across the top of the table that means it’s ready, so you want to try to serve as many customers as you can as fast as you can, so you can get more customers in and make and repeat the process simply wait for them to get finished eating you grab the tip and the cash

It helps you to level up to the next level and unlock even more items and plus there’s a ton of things around town not having to unlock it there are all types of add-ons you can use in your restaurant and round town to help decorate it as well.

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game Key Features:

  • INTRIGUING STORYLINE – 150+ story-based quests to progress and live the chef life
  • 200+ SPECIAL RECIPES from Burgers & Pizzas, Sushi & momos to Frittatas & Waffle Cakes
  • PERSONALISATION – Choose unique design patterns from wall decals & floor decors to exceptional props making your restaurant stand-out from the rest!
  • INTERNATIONAL STAFF having exceptional cooking skills
  • CHEF TEAMS – Create Teams, chat and team up with chefs to participate in tournaments
  • CHEF MASTERS – Compete with real chefs in skill-based tournaments to top the leaderboard
  • TRIVIA – Learn fun & historical facts about dishes and cuisines as you go
  • VEGETABLE GARDEN – Farm fresh produce grown in the backyard and available anytime
  • CHEF STORE & FOOD TRUCK to trade dishes, veggies and cookbook secrets
  • CATERING SERVICE & POOL PARTIES to go beyond just a regular restaurant

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game FAQs

Where I can download this game?

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game is a popular game that’s why it is available on almost every platform like Android users can download this from Google Play Store, iOS users can download from Apple App Store or you can download the game from their official website. Or else this game is available on many websites like Apkpure etc.

Who is the Publisher of this game?

This Star Chef 2 Restaurant Game is created and published by 99 Games. 99 Games is a super-indie studio that develops and publishes free-to-play games. They have also developed other games like – Star Chefβ„’: Restaurant Cooking, Fantastic Chefs: Match ‘n Cook, Dhoom:3 The Game. You can check them on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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