What countries have the most influence on the iGaming industry?

Online gambling is an industry with growing popularity. It is available in various countries, and each country offers a different experience. Within the online gambling umbrella, iGaming seems to be among the popular options whose growth doesn’t show any sign of falling. While some countries partially ban iGaming, others embrace it by bringing many innovations into the industry. Keep scrolling down to learn the best influential countries for iGaming.

The UK

The UK is best known as the pioneer of the iGaming industry. The country’s significant effect on the iGaming industry is trendsetting. In fact, Britain offers a benchmark of what other nations should do to run successful online gaming. These include data protection, licensing standards, service standards, taxation and fees, and general terms and conditions.

The USA and Netherlands are examples of countries following in the UK’s footsteps. These countries’ gambling rules and taxation are similar to the UK’s.

There is no doubt that Britain has many reputable gaming brands, which makes it easier for players to access iGaming services.


Despite their small population, Finland is one of the top gaming investors countries in the world. The country has the best iGaming markets worldwide. The country ranks 4th among the world’s biggest gamblers, spending more than 2 billion euros every year.

According to statistics, Finns are the most gamblers in Europe, with a significant percentage of its population gambling online every year. Many online gaming operators, including casino buumi, accept new players from the country


Sweden is a surprising name you never expected to appear on this list. Over the past decades, Sweden has been taking iGaming seriously. The country is also among the pioneers in the iGaming industry.

According to research, 60% of Swedish residents have gambled at least once in online casinos. And about 33% of the number gamble once a week. This is surefire prove how massive the whole online gambling is in Sweden.

One of the reasons why iGaming has seen success in Sweden is because of the government. It has set rules and regulations to ensure a safe gambling environment. This encourages many players to gamble.

Another crucial factor is technology. Sweden’s advanced technology means many people can access the internet and practice iGaming.

Another thing is taxation. Unlike other countries, Sweden taxes about 18% of your profit. You can keep the rest, encouraging gamblers to play even more.


Having more than 300 million people, the USA is another iGaming destination. In fact, the USA makes up 70% of the online gambling fanbase. According to statistics, 53% of the country’s youth are digital gamers. And about 4% of the population are monthly esports tournament viewers.

The US is home to some of the biggest games in the world, from Fortnite to Call of Duty. However, the currently is largely absent in the casino space. The main thing preventing the USA from sitting above the rest of other countries is because of the legislative issues. 

Once solved, its market is likely to expand more. The beauty of this country is that it is home to many sorts of innovations. These include Mastercard, PayPal, and Visa-leading payment options for online casinos.  

The US online gambling industry currently generates about $138 billion per year.


Malta is undoubtedly another surprise on this list. Despite its small population size, Malta is excelling in the iGaming sector.

A small population is easy to control, given that not everyone gambles. The Malta Gaming Body also takes pride as the most organized gambling authority you will ever find.

Unlike Sweden and the UK, which impose no tax on gamblers, Malta taxes fairly. And this has encouraged more companies to invest in online gambling. Also, the cost of starting up an iGaming in Malta is relatively low compared to other countries. The application fee in Malta is around $10,000 per year. 

Currently, online gambling generates a revenue of more than 700 million Euros for the Maltese economy.


Another country that has shown some dominance in iGaming is Germany. The country has more upcoming power in iGaming, as it has already established online gambling.

IGaming is gaining more popularity in Germany than online casinos as it includes sports betting which has been legal.

The country’s gambling market has skyrocketed to 300 million euros in the last three years. A significant portion comes from the iGaming sector. And more is expected, thanks to the new rules. The government is finding a way to impose favorable gambling regulations like those of the UK and Sweden.


Canada also is another country where iGaming is thriving. The country is best known for its freedom. According to research, about 75% of Canadians engage in online gambling. And most of them are passionate online game players who spend a good time online.

Online gambling contributes 570 million dollars annually. With this lump sum, it is safe to say that online gambling is one of Canada’s favorite activities. Thanks to technology and government regulations.


Australia is yet another country that practices online gambling regularly. One study shows that 80% of Australian residents have gambled in their lives. Australia also has one of the leading software providers, Big Time Gaming (BTG), which launched in 2014.

This innovation modifies games, offering unique and exciting ways to win. In fact, BTG provides more than 500,000 ways to win.


The Chinese online market is the fascinating one, considering it has a conservative government. While china pays more attention to culture, it ranks among the best developers of video games. This increases the number of people participating in online gaming in the country.

One of the reasons why China has seen increased popularity in mobile gaming is when the government banned video game consoles in 2015. Best gaming conglomerates include NetEase, Perfect World, Tencent Holdings, Shanda, and more.


The iGaming industry is growing at an alarming rate. It is soaring deep because countries worldwide are increasingly creating legalization measures. Each of the countries mentioned above has pioneered iGaming. They are the leading countries for both gaming investors and fanatics.

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