Abyss Rebirth Phantom Tier List

Abyss Rebirth Phantom Tier List (2023) – Best Ranked Characters

Welcome to Lionjek.com, where we delve deep into the captivating world of Abyss Rebirth Phantom. In this comprehensive guide, we’re thrilled to unveil the ultimate Abyss Rebirth Phantom tier list. If you’ve ever pondered which characters to invest in or struggled to assemble the ideal team, you’re in the right place. Our expertly crafted tier list ranks these enchanting characters from S+ to D tier, providing you with valuable insights to dominate the game. Whether you’re seeking powerful heroes or adorable heroines, our list covers them all. Join us on this epic journey through Abyss Rebirth Phantom’s vast character roster and gain the upper hand in your adventures.

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Abyss Rebirth Phantom Tier List – Best Ranked

S+ Tier Characters

First up, we have the cream of the crop – the S+ Tier characters. These formidable characters possess unique abilities that set them apart from the rest:

  1. Floria
  2. Bikuni
  3. Myu
  4. Tiara
  5. Michaela
  6. Flare
  7. Krusthio
  8. Toruri
  9. Arco
  10. Pyrkill

S Tier Characters

While the S+ Tier characters shine brightly, don’t underestimate the S Tier characters; they can surpass even the S+ with the right investment:

  1. Myuge
  2. Luppi
  3. Runn
  4. Mini
  5. Hachi
  6. Vega
  7. Nelsie
  8. Tig
  9. Izana
  10. Bell
  11. Delob
  12. Shev
  13. Belly
  14. Mikuria
  15. Sian
  16. Lira
  17. Roan

A+ Tier Characters

The A+ Tier characters are versatile and suitable for various types of matches, adventures, and exploration:

  1. Marida
  2. Nene
  3. Jill
  4. Latini
  5. Aria
  6. Grace
  7. Amin
  8. Papaya
  9. Machi
  10. Bielsa
  11. Ruin
  12. Mikage
  13. Rire
  14. Kaoruko
  15. Sasha
  16. Cotton

A Tier Characters

With powerful abilities and Evolution, the A Tier characters are not to be underestimated:

  1. Beliel
  2. Sesta
  3. Pai
  4. Cookie
  5. Rene
  6. Roche
  7. Aspa
  8. Torte
  9. Jeremy
  10. Laforet
  11. Frey
  12. Sicle
  13. Aika
  14. Carrot
  15. Miranda
  16. Tesla
  17. Win
  18. Pannie

B Tier Characters

For those looking for characters that are easier to master, the B Tier characters offer a good balance:

  1. Nerusey
  2. Gunther
  3. Yomogi
  4. Beorada
  5. Pingu
  6. Yusuf
  7. Lice
  8. Kachev
  9. Kana
  10. Lily
  11. Arni
  12. Emilio
  13. Maru
  14. Leche
  15. Yuka
  16. Haryu
  17. Kio
  18. Shushu
  19. Charin
  20. Yuzui

C Tier Characters

While the C Tier characters are suitable for beginners, they may become less effective as you progress:

  1. Lucia
  2. Song
  3. Tice
  4. Nene
  5. Iora
  6. Mayfa
  7. Patty
  8. Enora
  9. Darama
  10. Huia
  11. Mai
  12. Peg

D Tier Characters

Finally, we have the D Tier characters, who are considered the weakest in the game:

  1. Liane
  2. Hinako
  3. Nave
  4. Deer
  5. Sarah
  6. Pia
  7. Naomi
  8. Esta
  9. Regur
  10. Lulu

In summary, this Abyss Rebirth Phantom Tier List serves as your guide to navigating the vast roster of characters in the game. Remember that your preferences and playstyle may influence your choices, but this list can certainly point you in the right direction. For more insights and tier lists, explore our Mobile and Video game guides, helping you make informed decisions in the world of gaming. Happy gaming and may you conquer Abyss Rebirth Phantom with your chosen characters!

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