Anime Punch Simulator Codes

Anime Punch Simulator Codes (February 2024)

Anime Punch Simulator is taking the gaming world by storm, and what better way to enhance your experience than with exclusive codes? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the realm of Anime Punch Simulator codes, providing you with the latest keys to unlock incredible in-game rewards. From code lists to redemption guides and tips on discovering new codes, this article is your go-to source for maximizing your gaming journey.

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Anime Punch Simulator Codes

Active Codes

Here are all the active Roblox Anime Punch Simulator Codes:

  • 40KLIKES: 1 Mythical Chest, 5 Chest Keys
  • PATCH3.6: 1 Reset Stats, 1 Super Energy Potion
  • ShutdownSorry: 1 Reset Stats, 1 Mythical Chest, 1 Super Energy Potion, 5 Chest Keys
  • 35KLIKES: 1 Reset Stats, 1 Mythical Chest, 1 Super Energy Potion, 5 Chest Keys
  • UPDATE3: 1 Reset Stats, 1 Super Energy Potion
  • 30KLIKES: 1 Super Energy Potion
  • 25KLIKES: 1 Legendary Chest, 4 Chest Keys, 1 Super Energy Potion
  • UPDATE2.5: 1 Reset Stats, 1 Super Energy Potion
  • BUGSFIXED: 2 Common Chest, 2 Chest Key, 1 Super Energy Potion, 1 Rare Chest
  • Update2: 2 Common Chest, 2 Chest Key, 1 Super Energy Potion
  • RELEASE: 1 Raid Ticket, 1 Golden Card, 1 Gems Potion
  • 500likes: 1 Energy Potion, 1 Gems Potion
  • 1klikes: 1 Shiny Potion
  • 5KLIKES: 1 Shiny Potion
  • miniupdate: 1 Energy Potion, 1 Raid Ticket, 1 Invasion Key
  • 10KLIKES: 1 Damage Potion, 1 Super Energy Potion
  • 15klikes: 1 Shiny Potion
  • sorryshutpls: 1 Super Energy Potion, 1 Damage Potion
  • SorryForShutdown: 1 City Key, 1 Damage Potion, 1 Super Energy Potion
  • UPDATE1: 1 Damage Potion, 1 Super Energy Potion, 1 Old Paper
  • UPDATE1.5: 1 Damage Potion, 1 Super Energy Potion
  • 20KLIKES: 1 City Key, 1 Damage Potion, 2 Super Energy Potion

Expired Codes

  • Currently, there are no expired codes of this game!

How to redeem Anime Punch Simulator codes?

Now that you’ve got your hands on these valuable codes, let’s turn them into in-game treasures. Follow these straightforward steps to redeem your Anime Punch Simulator codes:

  1. Launch Anime Punch Simulator: Fire up the game on your preferred platform and ensure you’re connected to the internet.
  2. Find the Code Redemption Area: Navigate to the designated code redemption area within the game interface. This is often located in the game’s settings or menu options.
  3. Enter the Code: Input the unique code you want to redeem. Double-check for accuracy to avoid any errors.
  4. Confirm Redemption: Once the code is entered, confirm the redemption. The game will process the code, and voilà – you should receive your rewards instantly.

How to get new Anime Punch Simulator codes?

Staying ahead in the anime-inspired virtual world requires being in the loop about the latest codes and updates. Here are some tips to help you discover new Anime Punch Simulator codes:

  1. Official Social Media Channels: Game developers frequently release codes through their official social media accounts. Follow Anime Punch Simulator on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for real-time updates.
  2. Community Forums: Engage with the Anime Punch Simulator community on forums such as Reddit or Discord. Fellow players often share newly discovered codes and strategies for maximizing rewards.
  3. In-Game Events: Keep an eye on special in-game events and promotions. Developers may release codes as part of celebrations or collaborations with other games.
  4. Newsletters and Announcements: Subscribe to newsletters or enable in-game notifications to receive updates directly from the developers. This ensures you’re among the first to know about new codes.

About the Game

Anime Punch Simulator immerses players in an action-packed, anime-inspired world where powerful punches unlock new levels of strength and skill. With vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and a diverse range of challenges, the game offers an exciting experience for anime and gaming enthusiasts alike.

FAQs about the Game

To address common queries, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about Anime Punch Simulator codes:

  1. Are codes case-sensitive?
    • Yes, codes in Anime Punch Simulator are case-sensitive. Ensure accurate entry for successful redemptions.
  2. How often are new codes released?
    • New codes are released periodically, often coinciding with special events, updates, or collaborations. Stay tuned to official channels for announcements.
  3. Can I use codes on any platform?
    • Most codes are platform-independent, but it’s essential to verify specific details in the redemption instructions or official announcements.


In the vibrant world of Anime Punch Simulator, codes are the key to unlocking a realm of exclusive rewards and power-ups. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’re well on your way to maximizing your Anime Punch Simulator experience. So, embrace the excitement, enter those codes, and embark on a thrilling anime-inspired journey where your punches pack a powerful punch!

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