How to Get Candy in Adopt Me Halloween

How to Get Candy in Adopt Me Halloween 2023

Unlock the Secrets to Collecting Candy in Adopt Me Halloween 2023! Halloween has arrived, and with it comes the spine-tingling festivities of the Adopt Me Halloween: Spook event. In this exciting virtual world, a new currency called Candy takes center stage, opening the doors to a realm of Halloween-themed pets, toys, and accessories. If you’re wondering how to amass Candy during the Halloween 2023 event, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a seasoned Adopt Me player or a newcomer, this comprehensive guide will navigate you through the ins and outs of obtaining Candy, ensuring your Halloween experience is nothing short of a sugary delight. So, let’s embark on this Candy-collecting adventure together!

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How to Get Candy in Adopt Me Halloween

Playing the Tile-Skip Mini-Game:

One of the primary methods to accumulate Candy in Adopt Me Halloween 2023 event is by engaging in the Tile-Skip mini-game. It’s not just fun but also rewarding! Here’s how you can master it and rake in those sweet rewards:

To win the Tile-Skip mini-game, you need to keep a keen eye on the tiles laid out before you. Not all tiles are created equal; some will shake menacingly, while others remain steady. The ones that stay still are your safe passage to victory.

Take your time! Patience is the key. Rushing may lead to unfortunate encounters with the shadow dragon, so step carefully and strategically.

If you’re feeling sociable, why not invite some friends to play alongside you? Sometimes, impatience can get the better of your pals, and they might rush ahead, revealing the safe path for you. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Purchasing Candy with Robux:

If you’re looking to accelerate your Candy collection, Adopt Me offers the option to purchase Candy with Robux. Here’s a breakdown of the Candy-Robux exchange rates:

  • 7 Robux – 300 Candy
  • 40 Robux – 1750 Candy
  • 100 Robux – 4400 Candy
  • 250 Robux – 11500 Candy
  • 625 Robux – 31250 Candy
  • 1250 Robux – 70000 Candy

The choice is yours – whether you want to earn Candy through gameplay or acquire it instantly with Robux, there are options for every type of player.

The Sweet Rewards of Candy

Now that you know how to obtain Candy, let’s explore what you can do with it. Candy is your golden ticket to the Halloween shop, where a world of Halloween-themed pets, toys, and accessories awaits.

Halloween Pets:

  • Nightmare Owl – 75000 Candy (Ultra Rare)
  • Ghost – 3500 Candy (Common)

Halloween Toys & Pet Wear:

  • Pumpkin Kitty Plushie – 750 Candy (Uncommon)
  • Jack-O-Lantern Light – 950 Candy (Rare)
  • Full Moon Flying Disc – 250 Candy (Common)
  • Vampire Skull Rattle – 700 Candy (Uncommon)
  • Bandage Propeller – 850 Candy (Common)
  • Spellbook Throw Toy – 1000 Candy (Rare)
  • Candy Skewer – 6500 Candy (Ultra Rare)
  • Vampire Chew Toy – 7000 Candy (Ultra Rare)

Halloween Accessories:

  • Death Cloak – 4200 Candy (Ultra Rare)
  • Ball and Chain Earrings – 550 Candy (Common)
  • Monster Hat – 3250 Candy (Ultra Rare)
  • Slime Backpack – 450 Candy (Common)
  • Evil Headphones – 1150 Candy (Uncommon)
  • Jack-O-Lantern Shades – 950 Candy (Uncommon)
  • Wicked Boots – 1500 Candy (Rare)
  • Eye Bat Monocle – 500 Candy (Common)
  • Skull Bow – 1650 Candy (Rare)

With this treasure trove of Halloween goodies at your disposal, you can personalize your in-game experience, stand out from the crowd, and have a spooktacular time.


In the world of Adopt Me, Halloween brings not just the thrill of the unknown but also the sweetness of Candy. Whether you’re testing your skills in the Tile-Skip mini-game or opting for the swift route by purchasing Candy with Robux, there are ample opportunities to amass this delectable currency.

As you venture into the Halloween shop armed with your hard-earned Candy, the choices are endless. From rare pets to spooky accessories, there’s something to cater to every Halloween enthusiast’s taste.

So, embrace the spirit of Halloween, embrace the allure of Candy, and embark on your own hauntingly delightful journey in Adopt Me Halloween. May your Candy stash grow plentiful, and may your adventures be filled with enchantment and surprise.

[Author’s Note: This comprehensive guide on how to get Candy in Adopt Me Halloween 2023 was created for to assist players in maximizing their enjoyment of the event.]

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