How To Complete Acts Of Care In Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Complete Acts Of Care In Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Complete Acts Of Care In Disney Dreamlight Valley? Helping the villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not only a noble endeavor but also a way to foster bonds and rekindle lost memories. Dealing with the Forgotten villagers, in particular, involves making them feel secure and welcomed despite their troubled pasts. While this task may present challenges, the effort is certainly worthwhile.

After assisting them with their previous quests, it’s essential to check in on the Forgotten villagers once more. Their progress may be evident, but they still require your support to fully reintegrate into the village community. This time, your focus will be on giving back to the other villagers in your valley.

How to Unlock Acts of Care Quest

To unlock the Acts of Care quest, you must first complete the “Magic in Everything” quest. Afterward, allow a week to pass for the Acts of Care quest to trigger. When it becomes available, you will receive a prompt to check in on the Forgotten villagers.

It appears that the Forgotten villagers are slowly opening up and are eager to socialize. They are determined to make amends with the villagers they may have disappointed in the past, and this involves finding the right gifts for Mickey and Goofy.

Where to Find Flowers for Mickey

The Forgotten villagers want to offer flowers to Mickey (and, by extension, Minnie) as a gesture of reconciliation. They need specific flowers for this purpose:

  • White & Pink Falling Penstemon: 3 flowers (Location: Plaza)
  • Black Passion Lily: 2 flowers (Location: Frozen Heights)
  • Red Daisy: 2 flowers (Location: Peaceful Meadow)

Once you’ve collected these flowers, return to the Forgotten villagers and present them. Witness as the Forgotten offer the flowers to Mickey, resulting in a positive outcome. Subsequently, they request assistance with another task.

How to Make Fresh Bouillabaisse for Goofy

Preparing fresh Bouillabaisse for Goofy is a straightforward task, but you’ll need to procure the ingredients yourself. You require one fresh tomato and one fresh shrimp, which means you must harvest and catch these ingredients after the quest objective is initiated. Utilizing WALL-E’s Garden of Moana’s Boat won’t suffice.

  • For tomatoes, purchase seeds from Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach and grow them.
  • Shrimp can be found by fishing at the beach.

Additionally, you’ll need to harvest another vegetable from your crops and catch two more types of seafood to complete the recipe. The fastest-growing vegetable is lettuce (three minutes) and is cost-effective. It’s available at Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow.

Complete Acts Of Care In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary ingredients, proceed to your stove and combine them to prepare fresh Bouillabaisse. Deliver it to Goofy, who will express gratitude for the meal and extend an invitation to share it with you and the Forgotten villagers.

Your reward for completing this quest is 2,000-Star Coins, along with the gratitude of the Forgotten villagers.

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