Grimoires Era Tier List

Grimoires Era Tier List 2024 Breakdown

Embark on an enchanting journey through the mystical realms of Grimoires Era as we unveil the ultimate Grimoires Era Tier List. In the quest for magical mastery, understanding the hierarchy of Grimoires is paramount. From the pinnacle of S Tier, featuring the formidable Anti Magic Grimoire, to the versatile contenders in A and B Tiers like Wind, Dark, Fire, and Water Grimoires, our guide meticulously ranks these magical tomes. Uncover their unique skills and transformations, guiding aspiring wizards to the best choices for their arcane adventures. Whether you’re aiming for unparalleled magical prowess or reliable options, our Grimoires Era Tier List is your key to unlocking the secrets of wizardry excellence.

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Best Grimoires Era Tier List

  • S Tier
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • D Tier

Navigating the realm of Grimoires Era can be overwhelming due to the varying rarities, from common to mythical. Fear not, as our comprehensive Grimoires Era Tier List is here to guide you. The Grimoires are meticulously ranked from S Tier (the best) to D Tier (the least favorable), taking into account their unique abilities and movesets in the magical world of Grimoires Era.

S Tier

The S Tier encompasses the absolute pinnacle of Grimoires in Grimoires Era. Among them, the standout is the Anti Magic Grimoire, boasting a formidable skill set:


  • Z Key: Anti Magic Slash
  • X Key: Anti Magic Hurricane
  • C Key: Anti Magic Liberation
  • V Key: Transform

Transformation Skills

  • Z Key: Anti Magic-Cracks
  • X Key: Anti Magic Burst
  • C Key: Anti Magic Break
  • V Key: Detransformation

A Tier

Just below the zenith lies the A Tier, housing Grimoires that narrowly missed the cut for S Tier but remain exceptional choices. The Wind Grimoire stands out with its impressive set of skills:


  • Z Key: Wind Spear
  • X Key: Wind Hurricane
  • C Key: Wind Sharp
  • V Key: Transform

Transformation Skills

  • Z Key: Wind Blast
  • X Key: Wind Race
  • C Key: Wind Rush
  • V Key: Detransformation

B Tier

The B Tier showcases Grimoires with commendable abilities and moves. Notable mentions include the Dark Grimoire, Fire Grimoire, and Water Grimoire:

Dark Grimoire Skills

  • Z Key: Dark Cut
  • X Key: Dark Slash
  • C Key: Dark Tp
  • V Key: Dark Ultimate

Fire Grimoire Skills

  • Z Key: Fire Bust
  • X Key: Fire Pillar
  • C Key: Fire Roar
  • V Key: Fire Emperor

Water Grimoire Skills

  • Z Key: Water Bomb
  • X Key: Water Explosion
  • C Key: Water Health
  • V Key: Water Flood

C Tier

Grimoires in the C Tier boast decent move sets, providing players with satisfactory options for their magical endeavors. The Bronze Grimoire, with its unique skills, exemplifies this tier:


  • Z Key: Bronze Whip
  • X Key: Double Bronze Whip
  • C Key: Sequential Bronze Whip
  • V Key: Area Bronze

D Tier

In the realm of average Grimoires, the D Tier offers options that, while serviceable, lack the flair of their higher-tier counterparts. The Regen Grimoire and Reinforcement Grimoire represent this tier:

Regen Grimoire Skills

  • Z Key: Self Regen
  • X Key: Area Regen
  • C Key: Vampire Regen

Reinforcement Grimoire Skills

  • Z Key: Reinforcement Crusher
  • X Key: Reinforcement Grimoire
  • C Key: Reinforcement Punch
  • V Key: Reinforcement Transformation


As we conclude this magical odyssey through the Grimoires Era Tier List, may your journey be enriched with the knowledge of the finest mystical tomes. From the heights of S Tier to the depths of D Tier, understanding the nuances of each Grimoire is the key to unlocking your wizardry potential. Whether you wield the Anti Magic Grimoire’s unparalleled power or dance with the elements through Wind, Dark, Fire, and Water Grimoires, the path to arcane excellence is now clear. Delve into the enchantment, explore the tiers, and may your choices in Grimoires guide you to unparalleled magical mastery. Your adventure continues – embrace the magic.

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