Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List

Master the Magic: Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List 2024

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List | Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the wizarding world with the official release of Harry Potter Magic Awakened. As the game evolves with exciting updates, including the introduction of two formidable cards – Baby Antipodean Opaleye and Whomping Willow – players are eager to know if these newcomers can rival the potency of top-tier cards like Crucio and Sectumsempra.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List Overview:

To guide both novices and seasoned players, we present an updated and detailed Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List. This comprehensive ranking evaluates each card’s attributes, such as abilities, type, Magic Points (MP), and rarity.

Tier S – Best Cards:

CrucioCharm5DarkChannels and inflicts increasing damages to a nearby enemy unit, stuns the unit if not a wizard opponent.
SectumsempraCharm4EpicInflicts damage to an enemy and hits a nearby enemy, repeats up to 3 times.
ObscurusCharm5DarkBeing invincible, inflicting damage to a designated area, and reducing their speed; temporarily weakened when out of effect.
KelpieSummons6LegendaryCauses area damage at a designated location, and orbits the caster. Successive attacks increase with each successful hit.
Avada KedavraCharm6DarkDeals damage to the first line-of-sight unit, increases 1 stack for each successful Avada kill; guaranteed instant kill after 4 stacks.
Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List

Tier A – Great Cards:

BroomstickCharm2RareFlies to a specified location and returns, removes movement debuff, and causes damage to all opponents along the way.
ExpulsoCharm2RareBlasts the area, knockbacks, and deals damage.
NebulusCharm2RareHides units within and applies minor healing. Opponent unit entry reveals all hidden ally units and vice versa.
The Monster Book of MonstersSummons3RareCharges to the target location, knockbacks enemy units along the way before attacking.
EpiskeyCharm3RareHeals a friendly unit, can be interrupted through control effects (except grounding).
InflatusCharm3RareInflates, stuns, and damages the target area.
Bewitched SnowballsCharm3RareRolls a snowball, explodes on contact, and creates a snowman, freezing its vicinity.
Side-along ApparitionCharm3RareNext movement card changes to apparition; teleports caster and allies nearby to a target location and applies minor heal.
Atmosphere CharmCharm4RareManifests a moveable storm cloud, zaps random enemy within its range, reduced healing when hit.
MatagotSummons4RareAttacks enemy, divides when health reduces to half, max 2 times.
ProtegoCharm4RareApplies shield to all ally units within the target radius.
Wizard Chess PiecesSummons5RareTaunts nearby enemies. Leaves 2 stones when defeated and transforms into a Queen, which gathers enemies and does area damage.
… (continue with other Tier A cards)
Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List

Note: Our tier list is subjective, reflecting our personal evaluations. Every card is considered playable, even if it’s deemed decent in our opinion.

Tier B – Good Cards:

Golden SnitchSummons5LegendaryRegenerates MP and Movement Cards; Able to catch when health below half, grants movement cards and MP for all ally wizards.
Protego DiabolicaCharm5LegendaryCreates a blue fire-ring, inflicting damage to enemies within; manifests fire dragons to attack the furthest enemy.
Piertotum LocomotorSummons6LegendarySummons 2 statues, taunt, and receives reduced damage when entering and for each 4 attacks.
Baby Antipodean OpaleyeSummons6LegendaryLaunches fireball to enemy units, inflicting area damage.
ThunderstormCharm6LegendaryCasts 15 thunderstorm strikes at random enemy units, after 5 kills by thunderstorm, remaining strikes attack all enemy units, reduced healing when hit.
Orb of WaterCharm6LegendarySucks enemy units into it, non-wizard units are stunned, wizard opponents are grounded.
FiendfyreSummons7LegendaryIncreases in size and attack strength when any unit on the scene is defeated; simultaneously attacks 3 units after 12 units are defeated.
Norwegian Ridgeback EggSummons7LegendaryNorwegian Ridgeback Egg heals itself and hatches at full health, then launches 3 fireballs at random enemy units.
PhoenixSummons7LegendaryPeriodic area heals, return to ashes after death, repeats the lifecycle 3 times before returning to the summoner’s deck.
… (continue with other Tier B cards)
Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List

Tier C – Mediocre Cards:

Swelling SolutionCharm2CommonThrows a bottle of swelling solution. All affected allies will increase their size, movement speed, and attack speed.
OppugnoCharm2CommonSummons 6 conjured canaries around the caster, charges to and damages nearby opponents.
PortkeyCharm2CommonSummons a portkey, teleports nearby allies and grants a shield.
SpidersSummons3CommonSummons 6 spiders to attack enemy units.
IncarcerousCharm3CommonPulls all enemy units to the target center and disables movement for a brief moment.
CentaurSummons3CommonFires piercing arrows, inflicts damage to all enemy units on the straight line.
Cornish PixiesSummons3CommonSummons 3 Cornish Pixies, they charge and attack when enemies are close by.
Essence of DittanyCharm3CommonPeriodically heals the target area.
StupefyCharm3CommonDamages and knockbacks the first contacted enemy unit, if the knockback collides with another unit, will stun and damage both.
… (continue with other Tier C cards)
Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List


  1. How often is this tier list updated?
    • The tier list is periodically updated to reflect changes in the game’s meta.
  2. How is this tier list determined?
    • The tier list considers a card’s overall power, effectiveness in various decks, synergies, versatility, and the current state of the game’s meta.
  3. How important is a card’s rarity in determining its overall strength?
    • Rarity can influence a card’s strength due to unique abilities or synergies, but it’s not the sole indicator.
  4. Any recommendations for new players?
    • New players may consider acquiring versatile cards like Stupefy and Erumpent, which can fit into various decks.

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