Her New Memory Cheats

Her New Memory Cheats (2024)

Her New Memory Cheats | Dive into the world of Her New Memory with these game-changing cheats!, this guide spills the beans on how to get unlimited money and more in the intriguing visual novel game, Her New Memory.

Discover a game reminiscent of Teaching Feeling, where players take on the task of helping an amnesiac girl rediscover her past. Combining caregiving, relationship-building, and mystery-solving, this visual novel game boasts customization options and a plethora of mini-games for your enjoyment.

While Her New Memory is undeniably fun, it does come with grinding elements. Fear not, as this article is here to simplify your gameplay experience with all the Her New Memory cheats you need right now.

Unlock the Console: Her New Memory Cheats (2024)

Before you delve into modifying attributes in Her New Memory, you’ll need to enable the game’s console. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the game folder/Renpy/Common/.
  2. Locate the file “00console.rpy” and open it using Notepad.
  3. Use Ctrl+F to find the variable “config.console = False.
  4. Change it to “config.console = True” and save your changes.

Now, double-click to start Her New Memory. Once in-game, press Shift+O on your keyboard to bring up the console window.

Modifying Variables:

With the game console activated, input the following attributes into the provided box and hit Enter to activate the cheats:

  • zodiac_coins = X
  • relationship = X
  • energy = X
  • health = X
  • mood = X
  • day = X
  • hour = X

Note: Replace X with the desired number or amount of resources. For example, “zodiac_coins = 2800.”

Wrapping It Up: These cheats cover the most essential attributes to modify in Her New Memory. Boosting your money reserves allows you to purchase any items you need, while enhancing health, mood, and relationship stats aids in faster progression. Unlock the secrets of Her New Memory and enjoy a game-changing experience!

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