How to Acquire Your First Sword in Grimoires Era?,

How to Acquire Your First Sword in Grimoires Era?

How to Acquire Your First Sword in Grimoires Era? In Grimoires Era, players have the option to follow the path of a swordsman rather than relying on magic and Grimoires for damage. Obtaining your first sword can be achieved through either a straightforward paid method using Robux or a more challenging yet free approach by grinding specific bosses for drops.

How to Acquire Your First Sword in Grimoires Era?

Imperial Sword Game Pass:

  • The Imperial Sword is available for purchase at 899 Robux. This game pass provides players with immediate access to a reliable weapon, known for its effectiveness in the game.

Free Method to Obtain a Sword in Grimoires Era:

Boss Drops:

  • For players who prefer not to spend Robux, acquiring swords can be achieved by defeating specific bosses. The first sword, the Mace, is dropped by The Evil Old Man, a level 20 boss. To initiate this quest, players can approach Quest Giver 1, located near the bandits near the spawn point.

As of the current game state, Grimoires Era features four swords that players can obtain. Three of these swords are available through boss drops, while the fourth can be purchased using Robux. Here is a list of the swords and their respective sources:

  1. Mace: Dropped by The Evil Old Man (Level 20).
  2. Silver Sword: Dropped by the Royal Bandit (Level 200).
  3. Sai: Believed to be dropped by the Corrupt Nobleman (Level 300).
  4. Imperial Sword: Purchasable via the in-game shop.

Players opting for the free method should be prepared for potential challenges and a longer process, involving multiple boss defeats to obtain these swords, considering the low drop rates and the time required for bosses to respawn.

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