How to Cover Furniture with Wallpaper

How to Cover Furniture with Wallpaper: DIY Furniture Makeover Tips

How to Cover Furniture with Wallpaper? Are you eager to embark on a creative journey that revitalizes your living space through DIY furniture transformations? In this extensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of wallpaper makeovers, providing you with a wealth of information, insights, and expert tips to elevate your furniture from mundane to extraordinary.

Section 1: Preparing Your Furniture Canvas | How to Cover Furniture with Wallpaper

1.1 Assessing Furniture Suitability:

Before diving into the makeover process, assess the suitability of different furniture types for wallpaper application. Gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each piece, allowing you to make informed decisions that align with your creative vision.

1.2 Wipe Down the Furniture:

Initiate your project with a meticulous cleaning process. Arm yourself with a damp sponge, as we explore the importance of this step in creating a flawless canvas for your wallpaper application. Dive into detailed discussions on suitable furniture materials, understanding their impact on the overall makeover process.

1.3 Removing Drawers, Doors, and Hardware:

Unlock the full potential of your furniture by strategically removing drawers, doors, and hardware. Delve into the creative possibilities that arise from this step, considering the impact on the overall aesthetic. We’ll provide detailed insights into how each element contributes to the success of your makeover.

1.4 Surface Preparation Tips:

Explore advanced tips for preparing different surfaces, including wood, glass, and metal. Understand the nuances of cleaning and priming techniques tailored to specific materials, ensuring optimal adhesion and a long-lasting finish.

1.5 Exploring Creative Furniture Possibilities:

Expand your horizons by exploring the vast array of furniture types suitable for wallpaper application. From bookshelves to nightstands, dressers to cabinets, and even coffee tables, the possibilities are limitless. Discover how each piece can be a canvas for your creativity.

Section 2: Mastering the Art of Wallpaper Application

2.1 Choosing the Right Wallpaper:

Delve into an extensive exploration of wallpaper types, comparing peel-and-stick against regular wallpaper. Uncover the unique benefits of each type and gain a comprehensive understanding making an informed decision tailored to your specific furniture project.

2.2 Precision Cutting Techniques:

Elevate your wallpaper application with an in-depth exploration of precision cutting techniques. We’ll guide you through using common tools such as a craft knife or utility knife, offering essential tips to achieve immaculate edges and a professional finish.

2.3 Adhering Wallpaper with Finesse:

Whether opting for peel-and-stick or regular wallpaper, master the art of proper application. Explore the nuances of using Mod Podge with regular wallpaper, ensuring a seamless and durable adhesion. Learn multiple application methods to suit various furniture surfaces.

2.4 Handling Corners and Edges:

Navigate the intricacies of corners and edges with expert guidance. Learn advanced techniques to create neat folds and make horizontal cuts, ensuring a polished and professional appearance. Overcome challenges associated with wrapping wallpaper around edges for a seamless finish.

2.5 Smoothing Out Bubbles:

Say goodbye to imperfections by mastering advanced bubble-smoothing techniques. Understand the importance of a brayer or alternative tools to achieve a flawless, bubble-free finish that enhances your furniture’s overall aesthetic.

Section 3: Reassembling Your Transformed Furniture

3.1 Drying Time for Glued Wallpaper:

Patience becomes a virtue when working with regular wallpaper and Mod Podge. Explore the necessity of allowing the wallpaper to dry overnight before reassembling your furniture. Gain insights into ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish, avoiding pitfalls that may arise from haste.

3.2 Reattaching Hardware:

Complete your furniture makeover by expertly reattaching handles, hinges, and other hardware. Unlock creative possibilities by mixing and matching hardware to complement your newly wallpapered furniture. We’ll discuss various hardware options and their impact on the final look of your transformed pieces.

3.3 Final Assembly:

Embark on the final steps to reattach doors and slide drawers back into place. Ensure your revitalized furniture is ready to take center stage in your living space, reflecting your unique taste and creative prowess. Learn additional tips on how to protect your newly wallpapered surfaces from potential damage and enhance their longevity.

Section 4: Adding Personal Touches

4.1 Customizing Hardware:

Explore the world of hardware customization, providing insights into painting, antiquing, or replacing hardware to match your chosen wallpaper. Discover how small details can significantly impact the overall aesthetic.

4.2 Incorporating Patterns and Textures:

Delve into advanced techniques of incorporating multiple wallpaper patterns and textures within a single furniture piece. Learn how to create harmonious designs that elevate your furniture to a new level of sophistication.

4.3 Mixing and Matching Wallpaper Styles:

Explore the art of combining different wallpaper styles within a room. Understand the principles of balance and cohesion to achieve a harmonious look that ties your entire living space together.

Section 5: Maintenance and Longevity

5.1 Protecting Your Masterpiece:

Explore strategies for protecting your newly wallpapered furniture from daily wear and tear. Discover the importance of sealants and protective coatings to enhance longevity and preserve the vibrancy of your DIY masterpiece.

5.2 Troubleshooting Common Issues:

Anticipate and troubleshoot common issues that may arise post-makeover. From minor imperfections to potential damage, learn how to address challenges effectively and maintain the integrity of your revamped furniture.

5.3 Seasonal Maintenance Tips:

Gain insights into seasonal maintenance routines to keep your wallpapered furniture looking fresh year-round. Learn how changes in temperature and humidity can impact your creations and how to proactively address these challenges.


Congratulations! Armed with this extensive guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge and expertise to confidently undertake your DIY furniture makeover journey. Immerse yourself in the satisfaction of creating a personalized, stylish home environment that mirrors your individuality and creativity. Your transformed space awaits, showcasing the beauty of your unique vision and craftsmanship. Happy decorating!

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