How To Fix Civ 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug

How To Fix Civ 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug

How To Fix Civ 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug | Are you playing Civilization 6 and encountering a frustrating issue where the tutorial gets stuck, preventing you from progressing in the game? You’re not alone, as this problem has troubled many players, particularly those using consoles to play the game. In this guide, we’ll explore a few potential solutions to help you bypass this annoying bug.

Civilization 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug Fix

Despite Civilization 6 being a well-established game, the tutorial still suffers from a persistent bug that obstructs players from completing it. The problem often occurs during the tutorial when players are about to construct a Campus in their capital city. At this point, the game stops recognizing commands and control inputs, leaving players stuck. Unfortunately, there is no option to save progress during the tutorial, so even if you restart the game, you’ll have to endure the entire two-hour tutorial again with no guarantee of progressing further. How To Fix Civ 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug.

The exact cause of this bug remains unknown, but here are a couple of methods you can try to potentially fix or bypass it in Civilization 6.

Fix 1 : How To Fix Civ 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug

According to a Reddit user who contacted 2K support, one suggested solution is to avoid using the fortify command with multi-turn automation during the tutorial. By doing this, the game may allow you to continue with the tutorial, potentially bypassing the bug.

Fix 2 : How To Fix Civ 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug

Another possible reason for the tutorial stuck glitch in Civ 6 could be a corrupted local save file. To address this, you can try deleting the local save file and resyncing the game with the cloud. Here’s how:

  1. Locate the folder where your local game progress is saved, depending on your console.
  2. Delete the game’s save file.
  3. Restart your console.
  4. The saved game should automatically resync with the cloud.

For new players looking to dive into this strategic game, it’s advisable to skip the tutorial and learn the game as you go. Alternatively, you can go to the settings options, turn on Advisor Settings as “New to Civilization,” and click on Play Now. The Advisor option will teach you most of the necessary information just like the tutorial as you play the game.

That’s our advice on tackling the Civilization 6 tutorial stuck bug. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to explore more about this game, including tips on selecting the best leader, understanding the Wonders tier list in Civ 6, and more on

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