How To Get And Use APS Turret In The Finals

How To Get And Use APS Turret In The Finals in 2024?

The Last Stand arena of “The Finals” throws all sorts of chaos your way, and sometimes, just a trusty firearm isn’t enough. That’s where the APS Turret comes in, your loyal robotic sentry tasked with eliminating incoming projectiles and turning the tide of battle. This guide will equip you with everything you need to unlock, equip, and master this formidable gadget, transforming you into an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

How To Get And Use APS Turret In The Finals?

How To Unlock APS Turret In The Finals?

  • Go to the Equipment menu.
  • Select the Medium tab.
  • Find the APS Turret under Gadgets.
  • Unlock it for 1000 VRs.

How To Equip APS Turret In The Finals

  • Return to the main menu and access the Contestants menu.
  • Choose a Medium build loadout.
  • Replace one of your gadgets with the APS Turret.

How To use APS Turret In The Finals

  • Find a strategic spot and press the designated button to deploy the turret.
  • It will automatically shoot down incoming projectiles within its range.
  • Place it wisely to protect key areas, choke points, or flanks.
  • Reposition it as needed based on the battle’s flow.
  • Protect it from enemy fire or explosives, as it can be destroyed.

Unlocking the Power of the APS:

Before deploying your metallic guardian, you’ll need to unlock it. Here’s how:

  1. VR Up: Earn 1000 VR points by battling through matches and completing challenges. Every victory and objective conquered fills your VR coffers, so keep fighting!
  2. Head to Equipment: Once you’ve hit the 1000 VR mark, navigate to the Equipment menu.
  3. Medium Matters: Select the Medium tab, your domain for tactical gadgets.
  4. Locate Your Sentry: Under the Gadgets section, you’ll find the APS Turret. Click on it to reveal its glory.
  5. Unlock and Equip: Spend your hard-earned 1000 VR to permanently add the APS Turret to your arsenal. Now, head over to the Contestants menu.
  6. Customize Your Build: Choose any Medium build loadout and replace one of your current gadgets (or a reserved slot) with the APS Turret. Congratulations, you’re now officially a robot commander!

Deploying Your Defender: Essential Tips

Now that the APS Turret is yours to command, let’s learn how to unleash its full potential:

  • Placement is Key: Think strategically! The APS Turret has a limited detection range, so position it in choke points, key entrances, or near objectives. Consider covering your back while pushing a flank or protecting teammates reviving in exposed areas.
  • Height Advantage: Take advantage of verticality! Placing the turret on elevated surfaces expands its field of view and protects it from sneaky ground fire.
  • Synergy is Strength: Combine the APS Turret with other gadgets for devastating combos. Drop a Smoke Grenade to obscure enemy vision while your turret takes them out, or use a C4 to lure targets into its firing line.

Understanding the Sentry’s Strengths and Weaknesses:

Just like any good soldier, the APS Turret has its own unique traits:


  • Projectile Shield: It blocks incoming explosives, grenades, and bullets, providing invaluable cover for you and your squad.
  • Automatic Defense: No need to babysit! The turret automatically detects and engages threats within its range, freeing you to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Sound the Alarm: The turret’s firing alerts you to nearby hostiles, even if they’re out of sight.


  • Limited Range: Remember, its protection isn’t infinite. Position it wisely and communicate with your team to fill any blind spots.
  • Vulnerable to Flanks: Don’t rely solely on the turret. Clever enemies can flank its detection range and take it down from behind.
  • Destruction Prone: The turret can be destroyed by sustained fire or explosives. Keep an eye on its health and be prepared to reposition or defend it.

Mastering the Art of Defense: Advanced Tactics

Become a true APS Turret maestro with these pro tips:

  • Bait and Switch: Place the turret slightly off the beaten path to lure enemies into its crosshairs. This unexpected surprise can turn the tables in a firefight.
  • Double Down: In high-traffic areas, consider deploying two turrets for a layered defense. This creates a near-impenetrable zone, forcing enemies to take alternate routes.
  • Adaptive Defense:Β Don’t be afraid to relocate the turret as the match progresses. If the action shifts to a different part of the map, pick it up and redeploy it in a strategic location.

How do you use APC turret?

In The Finals, the APS Turret is your trusty robotic sentry that automatically shoots down incoming projectiles like grenades, mines, and even bullets within its detection range. It’s a powerful defensive tool that can turn the tide of battle in your favor by:

  • Shielding you and your teammates: No more worrying about surprise grenades or explosives raining down on you. The APS turret forms a protective bubble, giving you valuable cover to push objectives or revive downed allies.
  • Controlling key areas: Place it strategically in choke points or near objectives to create a no-go zone for enemies relying on grenades and explosives. This forces them to take alternate routes or risk getting shredded by your robot defender.
  • Providing early warnings: The turret’s firing sound acts as a built-in alarm, alerting you to nearby enemies even if they’re out of sight. This extra awareness can give you the edge in surprise encounters.

However, keep in mind the APS turret’s limitations:

  • Limited range: The protective bubble isn’t infinite, so positioning is key. Think strategically and place it where it covers the most vital areas.
  • Vulnerable to flanks: Clever enemies can bypass its detection range and take it down from behind. Keep an eye out and be prepared to reposition or defend the turret.
  • Destructible: Sustained fire or explosives can take it down. Monitor its health and consider using other gadgets like smoke grenades to provide additional cover.

Overall, the APS turret is a versatile and impactful tool when used strategically. Master its strengths, work around its weaknesses, and you’ll have a formidable robotic companion on the road to your Last Stand victory.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Utilize the training grounds to experiment with the APS Turret’s placement and synergize it with your favorite gadgets. The more comfortable you are with your robotic defender, the more impactful its presence will be on the battlefield.

So, unleash the power of the APS Turret, strategize your deployments, and watch your enemies crumble under the relentless hail of its bullets. Remember, a well-placed turret can tip the scales of victory and send you soaring towards that coveted Last Stand crown.

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