How to Get Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99

How to Get Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99?

How to Get Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99? | Unlocking Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99 can be a game-changer for free rewards, but it’s crucial to know the ins and outs of obtaining them efficiently. Dive into our comprehensive guide to discover the best ways to acquire Index Tokens and elevate your gameplay.

How to Get Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99?

Unlocking Index Tokens:

  • Accessible at Rebirth 3 in Area 75.
  • Index Tokens are earned by adding new pets to your index, pets you’ve never owned before.
  • Different pet types yield different amounts of tokens:
    • Normal Pets (including exclusives): 1 token
    • Huge Pets: 5 tokens
    • Titanic Pets: 10 tokens

Locating the Index:

  • Find the Index to the left of Spawn in Area 1, alongside Social and Group Rewards.

How to Get Index Tokens Fast:

  1. Hatching Eggs:
    • Hatch new pets to add entries to your index.
    • Pay attention to variants like Gold, Rainbow, and Shinies, as each variant counts as a separate entry.
    • Utilize gold and rainbow machines for variants if you lack game passes for easier hatching.
  2. Exploring the Trading Plaza:
    • Visit the Trading Plaza to discover new pets, including exclusives from Pet Simulator X.
    • Expensive, but effective for expanding your pet collection.
  3. Efficient Farming:
    • Hatch eggs until you stop receiving new pet notifications.
    • Requires patience and grinding, but ensures steady progress.
  4. Game Pass:
    • Consider using game passes for faster hatching and better pet variants.
    • Available game passes:
      • Lucky! – 275 Robux
      • Ultra Lucky! – 800 Robux
      • Huge Hunter! – 3,250 Robux
      • Magic Eggs! – 1,200 Robux

Additional Tips:

  • Hoverboards, Enchants, and Booths:
    • Currently do not contribute to index tokens.

Master the art of obtaining Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99 and unlock a world of rewards. Whether you prefer hatching, trading, or utilizing game passes, follow our guide to maximize your token acquisition and enhance your pet collection.

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