How to Get Love Awakening in King Legacy?

How to Get Love Awakening in King Legacy?

How to Get Love Awakening in King Legacy? Are you a fan of the Love-Love Fruit in King Legacy but find its uncommon status limits its damage potential? Elevate your gameplay by awakening it into Love Awakening! Our guide provides all the answers you need to embark on this empowering journey.

How to Get Love Awakening in King Legacy


  • 8 Love Fruits
  • 40 Sea Artifacts

Step 1: Obtain Love Fruits and Sea Artifacts

  • Love Fruits: Acquire these by exploring the map, trading, or using the gacha mechanic with keys.
  • Sea Artifacts: Defeat NPCs like Deep Divers, Fish Man Guardians, or Deep One Villagers in the Third Sea to collect the required artifacts.

Step 2: Interact with the Fruit Sigil

  • Locate the Fruit Sigil on the wall to the left of the Awake Master.
  • Hold the Love Fruit in hand and interact with the sigil; a number (8) will appear, indicating the quantity needed.
  • Feed the Love Fruit along with five Sea Artifacts per fruit to the sigil.

Step 3: Awakening Process

  • Head to the Awake Master in the game to initiate the awakening process.
  • Be prepared for a resource-intensive awakening, requiring over 1,098 gems.

Abilities Unleashed by Love Awakening

Upon successfully awakening the Love-Love Fruit, unlock four potent abilities:

  1. Wrecking Bond
  2. Ravaging Bondness
  3. Cupid Arrows
  4. Cupid Cyclone

Additional Tips:

  • Sea Artifact Farming:
    • Target specific NPCs in the Third Sea for efficient Sea Artifact farming.
  • Love Fruit Acquisition:
    • Utilize the gacha mechanic with keys for a chance to obtain Love Fruits.

Embark on the Love Awakening journey and witness the transformation of your Love-Love Fruit into a force to be reckoned with in King Legacy. Master these steps and abilities to dominate the seas with your enhanced powers! If you’re on the lookout for freebies, check our codes page for exciting rewards.

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