How To Upgrade Your Agents In The Lamplighters League

How To Upgrade Your Agents In The Lamplighters League

How To Upgrade Your Agents In The Lamplighters League? In The Lamplighters League, enhancing your agents’ skills is a pivotal path to success in your quest for treasure. The abilities of your agents, both passive and active, can be the deciding factor between eluding discovery and facing certain peril. Therefore, investing in their skill development is a strategic choice every secret agent worth their salt should make.

Thankfully, the process of upgrading your agents becomes straightforward once you get the hang of it. However, there are some crucial aspects of this upgrade system to keep in mind. Skill Points are a valuable resource, and knowing how to allocate them wisely is essential to thrive in this espionage-filled world.

How To Upgrade Your Agents In The Lamplighters League

  1. Access the Agents Tab at the Hideout: To begin the skill upgrade process, navigate to the Agents tab within your Hideout.
  2. Select the Desired Skill: Within the Agents tab, choose the agent whose skills you wish to upgrade. Agents possess Skill Trees, and each skill tree offers unique abilities and enhancements.
  3. Allocate Skill Points: In the selected agent’s Skill Tree, you can allocate Skill Points to specific skills. Be mindful that each skill consumes a varying number of Skill Points. As you progress along the skill tree, the cost of upgrades increases across tiers.
    • Tier One Upgrade: 1 Skill Point
    • Tier Two Upgrades: 2 Skill Points each
    • Tier Three Upgrades: 4 Skill Points each
    • Tier Four Upgrades: 8 Skill Points each
    • Tier Five Upgrades: 12 Skill Points each
  4. Manage Skill Point Allocation: It’s crucial to remember that your Skill Points are shared among all your agents. While this grants flexibility in distributing points to any agent, it also necessitates careful consideration of whom to upgrade and when. In the early game, Skill Points are a precious commodity, so prudent investments are essential.

Earning Skill Points | Upgrade Your Agents In The Lamplighters League

How To Upgrade Your Agents In The Lamplighters League

Skill Points are acquired by completing missions. The number of Skill Points awarded for a specific mission can be viewed by checking the mission details on the World Map. Importantly, Skill Points are granted to your entire team collectively, not to individual agents. Consequently, your choice of agents for a mission doesn’t affect the Skill Points gained or how you distribute them. Using the above methods you can Upgrade Your Agents In The Lamplighters League.

It’s worth noting that you won’t receive Skill Points if you accept a mission and then decide to retreat from it. Additionally, as of now, there doesn’t appear to be an option for respeccing the points of your characters. Once you make a purchase, it’s final, and refunds are not available.

In The Lamplighters League, the cards you play are permanent, and there’s no taking back your moves. So, strategize wisely and empower your agents to navigate the shadows successfully. How To Upgrade Your Agents In The Lamplighters League.

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