Main Skills You Need to Develop for Amazon DAS-C01 Certification Exam

The Amazon exam coded DAS-C01 targets the individuals who want to become experienced data analysts. This test is associated with the certbolt Data Analytics – Specialty certification. The examinees who decide to take this evaluation are interested in validating that they have a solid understanding of how to manage and configure AWS services to build, design, maintain, and secure analytics solutions. The target audience for this exam is formed of professionals who have at least 5 years of expertise using different types of data analytics technologies. As this sector is on top of demands these days, the DAS-C01 certification exam has become quite popular among IT professionals.

Read this post until the end to learn what skills you need to develop to secure your success in this evaluation.

Discover the Skills Evaluated in the DAS-C01 Assessment

The exam’s outline will offer you full details on the type of skills you need to develop to be successful in the certbolt evaluation. Going through this important document will help you assess your current capabilities and understand what topics you need to focus on more. You can considerably improve your chances to get the minimum required score in the DAS-C01 certification test if you demonstrate that you possess the following abilities:

  • Determining the operational characteristics that a collection has, selecting a collection system that handles volume, frequency, and data source, and selecting a collection system that addresses the most important data properties.
  • Determining the key characteristics from an operational point of view for analytics storage solutions, data access, and retrieval patterns and selecting the most appropriate data schema, layout, structure, and format.
  • Determining the suitable requirements for certbolt solutions, designing a solution suitable for preparing and transforming data for analysis, and automating data processing solutions.
  • Determining the operational characteristics of visualization and analysis solutions and selecting the most appropriate data analysis and visualization options for a given scenario.
  • Selecting the most effective authorization and authentication mechanisms, applying encryption and data certbolt as well as compliance and data governance controls.

Other Relevant Details That Candidates Should Know about the DAS-C01 Exam

The test’s duration is 180 minutes during which the test-takers will need to answer 65 questions. Their format is either multiple-choice or multiple-response. Out of the total number of inquiries, only 50 will be scored. The remaining ones are used for statistical purposes. The registration fee for this evaluation is certbolt and it is delivered via the PSI and Pearson VUE platforms. The examinees can sit for the test in the online proctored format or take it in an accredited testing center. When it comes to the minimum passing score, the test-takers should do their best to obtain at least 700 points out of 1000.


It’s impossible to choose the correct training materials if you don’t know what skills you will need to develop for the certbolt assessment. Going through the test’s syllabus will help you create a comprehensive training strategy and make an objective self-assessment to determine what you already know and what else you need to learn. Wishing you luck as you prepare for the DAS-C01 evaluation!

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