Kids Have Roblox, What Does the Metaverse Have for Adults?

Kids Have Roblox, What Does the Metaverse Have for Adults?

Roblox is totally crushing it in the world of online social gaming. With over 54 million active users during Q1 2022, ridiculous revenue figures, and even a creator payout of $525 million in 2021, it’s no wonder that this new publicly listed company is on the tip of everyone’s tongues – both kids and adults.

It’s a metaverse darling, an expansive and growing gamespace where people can create and play with others online seemingly without boundaries. For educators, it’s even an exciting prospect. According to Roblox themselves, they are aiming for “100M students engaged in high-quality learning in the metaverse by 2030,” with plenty of programs already accessible for teachers worldwide to capitalize on the gaming and tech giant.

Isn’t Roblox for adults too?

It sure can be! While it’s more geared towards kids, there are plenty of people over school age who get into Roblox a lot too. Hey, if Pokémon is for kids but has a cult following among adults, anything is possible.

For adults, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Roblox. While it’s very G-rated fun, Roblox is a great universe to dive into and play around in, and has even hosted live concerts from the likes of Lizzo, Boris Brejcha, Twenty One Pilots, Ava Max, Zara Larsson, and Lil Nas X.

But, all this aside, let’s head to metaverse offerings that are a little less G rated…

Whilst there have been attempts at creating something similar for adults, they have not taken off like Roblox. At one point, there was Second Life, an amazing piece of tech for its time that encouraged people to live in a metaverse. It failed for many reasons, one being the lack of real adult entertainment. There was no way to go to a concert, go to a bar, or play at an online casino that felt real in any way. Adults expect their virtual environment to work like their real lives. They want to be able to claim a no deposit bonus at their favourite casino, watch an age restricted movie in 4k. It must be as real as real life.

What we have so far for adults

If you take a stroll around the internet, you’ll see plenty of adult metaverse projects looking to kick off, but that aren’t just there yet.


Pleasureland is touting itself as the world’s first adult metaverse, with the project currently in Beta, with Phase 1 Pink Tower (oh my). Players must currently own a Pleasure Pass, Pink Pass, Pink Doll or Shag Pad to sign up and get involved. These NFTs are available to purchase on OpenSea for those who are interested to check it out and see what’s currently on offer to explore. There’s also a coin in the words, an OnlyFans type platform, and marketplace.

Terminal 18

Terminal 18 also have their own take on the Pr0n metaverse, and are currently selling land to help the project get off the ground. From there you can build an NFT marketplace of your own or rent it out to someone. Montenising content as NFTs is then easy. In their own words, “Terminal18’s lands are permanently owned by creators, partners or sponsor, giving them full control over their creations and business into our metaverse dedicated to pr0n industry.”

Currently, their project seems like a world-like marketplace of creators (housed in virtual houses rather than listings), but we’re interested to see where it leads.


If sex doesn’t sell you in terms of metaverse appeal, then head on over to Partyland, where the focus is strictly a digital Sin City style, designed to bring all your wildest online social gambling ideas to life.

Partyland’s another in-progress project, where you can currently purchase up Pala coin or buy lands to build on. Like other gambling cities, it’s not just a place to play the tables or spin the slots, but to hang out with your friends and party, go on dates, and even watch shows. If you’re ready to party like your in Vegas from the comfort of your couch, then Partyland sounds like it might be right up your alley.

The verdict on adult-activity-centric metaverses

While there is significant interest in adult-activity-centric metaverses (VR sex shows are already a thing), fully functional lands and backstories are yet to be fleshed out, even if coins and lands are rolling off the factory floor. Our advice? If you want to invest, investigate carefully first, but if you want to play? You might have to wait a while – and stick to Roblox for the metaverse and real-life for truly immersive adult entertainment.

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