Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity Review

Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity Review

In this post we have written about Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity Review. In the realm of fantasy, the idea of either saving the world from catastrophe or eradicating humanity altogether can be oddly enticing. Project Planet: Earth Vs. Humanity places you and your friends at the helm, granting you the choice between these two extremes. While it successfully delivers a cinematic portrayal of world-ending scenarios, you may find the gameplay aspect of this party game somewhat lacking in the depth one might expect from an apocalyptic simulator.

A Familiar Concept, with a Twist

Your initial impression of Project Planet might lead you to believe it’s an upgraded version of games like Pandemic. Indeed, the game’s description seems to promise just that. You can play against friends or AI, assuming the role of either the planet itself or various facets of civilization, with the goal of either wiping out humanity or defending it. This concept is strikingly similar to games like Pandemic, albeit with the promise of greater complexity beyond merely controlling a virus.

Party Game Approach | Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity Review

However, Project Planet deviates from what could have been a robust simulator or strategy game and instead opts for a party game format. If you’ve ever played a Jackbox Party Pack title, you’ll have a sense of what to expect from Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity.

Now, this isn’t to say that Project Planet is a poor game or that it fails to deliver on its premise. You’ll still encounter decision-based gameplay that involves planet-altering choices. Yet, the decision to follow the party game route left me somewhat disappointed, as it lacked the depth I had anticipated from a full-fledged strategy experience.

Multiplayer Dynamics

A game of Project Planet begins by prompting players to open their phones and enter a code on the Project Planet website. As is typical of party games, a single copy can accommodate up to five screens, allowing a group to join in. The game itself serves as a monitor, displaying game-related information, while individual controls are assigned to players’ phones.

One player assumes the role of Earth, a position akin to “king of the hill,” with access to potent abilities. The Earth’s objective is to employ these abilities, which include viruses and earthquakes, to render the planet inhospitable and exterminate humanity. Other players take on the roles of diverse aspects of human civilization, striving to prevent Earth from accomplishing its mission.

Unique Roles and Cooperation |Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity Review

These roles encompass World Leaders, Industry, Scientists, Media, and the Populace. As their names suggest, they represent distinct groups with unique responsibilities in safeguarding humanity from extinction. For instance, World Leaders create laws and regulations, while Scientists research cures to address the challenges facing humanity. Each player has their role and responses to Earth’s decisions.

A round kicks off as Earth employs its resources to trigger a disaster, with each human player responding accordingly. New dilemmas emerge as a consequence of disasters and decisions, constructing a branching narrative throughout the game. Collaborative efforts are crucial in thwarting the Earth player’s attempts to eliminate humanity.

Solo vs. Multiplayer Experience

While Project Planet can be played solo, I found that doing so failed to engage me effectively. At best, it was unstimulating, and at worst, it felt somewhat tedious, necessitating transitions between the game client and my browser for interaction. This is unquestionably a game designed for group play, with pacing and content depth tailored to multiplayer experiences. As with most games, it’s simply more enjoyable when shared with friends, making Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity solo experience less appealing.

Emphasis on Presentation

Where the game may lack in deep, engaging gameplay, it compensates through its presentation. The game incorporates numerous cutscenes that simulate news reports, press conferences, web articles, and more, creating the impression of a genuine real-world account of the dire situation unfolding in the game. The frequent use of these cutscenes adds a degree of entertainment value, further enhancing its appeal as a shared experience. Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity Review. However, the constant parallels drawn to real-world events can make the game heavy on political commentary, which may become grating over time.

Final Verdict | Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity Review

Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity could serve as a suitable choice for a Friday night gathering with friends, whether over Discord or in a living room setting. If you have a penchant for the game’s dark theme and enjoy accessibility for multiple players, it might align with your preferences. The abundance of cutscenes and ease of accommodating multiple players make it an enjoyable group activity. However, if you seek a more focused and strategic gaming experience, you may want to explore other titles. Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity Review.


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