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Something Unlimited Cheats – Guide (2024)

Something Unlimited Cheats | Are you ready to elevate your Something Unlimited gaming experience to a whole new level? Dive into the world of Something Unlimited cheats to access infinite money, unlocking a cheat menu that adds a layer of excitement to the game.

Something Unlimited is a captivating brothel management game based on comics, where players step into the shoes of Lex Luthor, the infamous supervillain from DC comics. Luthor’s once-mighty Luthorcorp now lies in ruins, leading him to devise a plan to generate maximum revenue. His strategy? Enlist the best superheroes from the game to work in his brothel, providing services to high-rolling clients.

While Something Unlimited promises endless fun, the grinding aspect can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re looking to streamline your gaming experience, look no further. Here’s your guide to all the Something Unlimited cheats you need to know.

Why Cheat in Something Unlimited?

In Something Unlimited, resources like money are crucial for building devices, hiring villains to capture heroines, and much more. Unlike games like Summertime Saga, Something Unlimited isn’t built with Ren’Py, making the Universal Ren’Py Mod ineffective. However, the game offers an in-built cheat menu, providing a host of cheats to enhance your gameplay.

Accessing the Cheat Menu: A Hidden Gem in Something Unlimited

The Something Unlimited cheat menu is a hidden treasure trove within the game, offering players various cheats, shortcuts, and additional features not found in regular gameplay. This cheat menu lets you set money, unlock galleries, and more. Ready to dive in? Here’s how you can access the cheat menu in Something Unlimited:

  1. Launch the Game: Double-click to open Something Unlimited and either start a new game or load a saved one.
  2. City Map Navigation: While navigating the city map, simply press the “C” key on your keyboard to unveil the hidden cheat menu.

From here, the cheat menu unfolds before you, granting the power to enable cheats that suit your preferences before embarking on the game’s storyline.

In Conclusion: Your Gateway to Something Unlimited Cheats

Armed with this guide, you now possess the knowledge to unlock the Something Unlimited cheat menu, transforming your gaming experience. If you have any questions or seek further clarification, feel free to drop them in the comment box below. Get ready to explore the unlimited possibilities that Something Unlimited cheats bring to the table!

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