Staying Home Alone can be Fun if You Have These Apps Installed on Your Mobile Device

Staying Home Alone can be Fun if You Have These Apps Installed on Your Mobile Device

Staying home alone can be depressing, especially if you are an outgoing, outdoorsy person. Fortunately, there are different types of applications you can install on your mobile device to stay engaged and focused. Some of them are listed below.


The number of videos available on YouTube is overwhelming, and you can download the videos offline if you are a premium subscriber. When you are streaming videos online, you can listen to music or look at your favorite videos. You can also watch short films on YouTube. 

You need to subscribe to YouTube Premium for ad-free listening and watching experience. You can download the videos and audio files to enjoy them offline with a subscription. You can even choose the video quality to download. If you are downloading higher-quality video, it will take up a lot of space on your device. Once the videos are downloaded, they will appear in the Library tab. 

With this app, you can enjoy commuting to work or traveling long distances.Β 

Cube SolitaireΒ 

Cube Solitaire is an entertaining game that can stimulate your mind. It is a game that you need to solve by arranging the cards in descending order. The cards must be assembled in alternating colors but belong to the same suit. You need to install the Solitaire Cube app on your device, and this game will keep you engaged for hours. You can participate in 1V1 matches with random online opponents or participate in 1VN tournaments to win lucrative prizes. Each match session lasts about five minutes and offers complete excitement. It allows you to connect with other players or compete with your friends

Words with Friends 2

Words With Friends 2 is a Scrabble-inspired game that allows you to show off your vocabulary and spelling skills. The user-friendly interface is designed for seamless virtual interactions. It is a creative word puzzle game that is addictive, challenging, and competitive. It is a wonderful way to relax and unwind with your friends.


Headspace is one of the most well-known meditation apps on the market. It is a great application that helps people relax and learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness. The app provides hundreds of sessions on sleep, stress, anxiety, personal growth, and physical health. In addition, the application offers a free 10-part foundation course called Take 10. It comes with a seven-day trial. By installing the application on your device, you can unlock the secrets to meditation and be able to bring down your stress levels. 


Audible is the app you need to install on your device if you are an audiobook fan. The app provides a fantastic selection of books that you can listen to. You can easily download the titles of your choice, and once you’ve purchased them, you can listen to them offline. 

You must go to the Library tab and see all the purchased titles in the app. Then, you can tap the cover to start downloading the audiobook instantly. When you are offline, you must tap the Downloaded section and see the titles you can start listening to. 


There are countless online articles, and you might have found a few you want to read but haven’t got the time for. Pocket is the ideal way to save any content on the Internet and read it later. Install the app on your mobile device, and you can also use its desktop extension. You can use it to save any article you wish to read. 

The best part about Pocket is you do not need to download the articles to read them. Instead, the app takes off automatically, and all the articles are stripped of the clutter so that you can solely focus on the content. 

Sing – The Social Singing App

Sing – The Social Singing application is one of the most preferred Karaoke apps, and you can use this app to pass your time when you are alone. Users can create solo, group or duet singing performances, which can be shared across social media platforms. If you have your friends over, you can also sing with your friends and use the feature called LiveJam. The application offers a vast database of songs, and there’s a seven-day trial period. 


Although Netflix continues to be the king of streaming services, more applications are demanding your attention. One of the most popular names among them is Disney+. You can find your favorite TV show or movie and save it to watch them offline. 

On Disney+, you can download all the movies and TV shows to watch them offline. There’s no hassle, and they’re available at your fingertips. You must choose the download icon if you wish to download a movie or an episode. You can find all the downloaded content by selecting the same icon on the bottom bar of the application. 

Amazon Kindle 

Want to read storybooks and novels? You can do so without having to purchase multiple books and cluttering your house. Instead, you can purchase an Amazon Kindle book and download it to your smartphone device. Then, you can go to the Library tab in the app to find the titles you wish to download. Tap on the cover to start downloading automatically. You can also long-press the titles to see the different options. If you want to see the titles downloaded on your devices, head to the Downloaded section. 


With these apps on your smartphone, you will always have something to do when alone at home or in a queue. As a result, you’ll never feel bored or alone.

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