Stuck Under The Map In Palworld

Stuck Under The Map In Palworld – How To Fix It

Palworld, the captivating open-world survival game, has enthralled players with its diverse features. However, like any complex game, it’s not immune to glitches. One persistent issue players are facing is getting stuck under the map. In this guide, we’ll explore solutions to help you overcome this obstacle and continue enjoying your Palworld adventure.

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Stuck Under The Map In Palworld

Palworld players have reported instances of characters being stuck under the map, presenting challenges ranging from submerged in water to being trapped behind walls. While the developers haven’t officially addressed this via Twitter, our guide offers practical solutions to tackle this problem.

Solutions to Getting Unstuck

1. Use a Flying Pal

  • Situation: Find yourself in the middle of an ocean or behind a wall.
  • Solution: Utilize a flying Pal to navigate out of the water or reach inaccessible areas.

2. Climb Your Way Up

  • Situation: Stamina dropping rapidly while trapped.
  • Solution: If flying is not an option, climb rocks or mountains, preserving stamina. Use a grappling gun if needed.

3. Rejoin the Server

  • Situation: Stuck despite previous solutions.
  • Solution: Exit the game and rejoin the server. Minor bugs can sometimes be resolved with a fresh connection.

Preventing Item Loss

Players understandably want to preserve their hard-earned items even when encountering glitches. Here’s how to avoid losing items:

To safeguard items, adjust settings to lower difficulty before restarting the game. This ensures you retain all your belongings even if your character meets an untimely demise. Note that this method is effective only if settings are adjusted before restarting the game.


Palworld’s allure lies in its diverse gameplay, but occasional glitches can impede your progress. Armed with these solutions, you can navigate the challenges of getting stuck under the map, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. Remember to tweak settings to safeguard your items before restarting the game.

Stay tuned for updates on Palworld bug fixes and gameplay Guides.

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