The First Descendant Character Tier List

The First Descendant Character Tier List

Are you searching for The First Descendant Character Tier List? In the world of First Descendant, selecting the most powerful character is a crucial decision, whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or diving into multiplayer action. You have the option to team up in Co-op mode to conquer your adversaries or take on the challenge solo and prove your mettle against waves of enemies. This RPG offers dynamic gameplay, complemented by stunning graphics that immerse you in a quest to save humanity from the brink of extinction. With our character tier list as your guide, you can make the best choice to achieve victory.

The First Descendant Character Tier List

We’ve meticulously categorized the Descendant characters, ranking them from S Tier (the best) to C Tier (the least favored). The First Descendant Character Tier List :

S Tier

  • Valby
  • Ajax
  • Freyna
  • Jayber
  • Lepic

B Tier

  • (Character names go here)

C Tier

  • (Character names go here)

S Tier characters often differ in preference depending on how players like to utilize their characters. In this tier list, we’ve singled out Bunny as an S Tier character, primarily due to her remarkable AOE Electric Damage, impressive speed, and her ability to unleash electrifying attacks while on the move. What’s more, she can be further upgraded, enhancing her attributes and making her an even more formidable force. The best part is that you can unlock Bunny early in the game.

How to Unlock Bunny

To add Bunny to your roster, you’ll need to complete the Bunny Crafting Training side quest, available in the early stages of the game. During this quest, you’ll gather essential materials, including Bunny Stabilizer, Bunny Code, Bunny Enhanced Cells, and Bunny Spiral Catalyst. Once you’ve secured all these components, pay a visit to Anais in Albion, where you can initiate the research on Bunny. This research process takes approximately 12 hours to complete. Afterward, you’ll have the power of Bunny at your disposal, ready to join the fight.

With the First Descendant Character Tier List and Bunny in your lineup, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges that await and ensure the survival of humanity.

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