Where To Find Clay In Moonstone Island

Where To Find Clay In Moonstone Island

Where To Find Clay In Moonstone Island? Moonstone Island presents a unique twist on the farming simulation genre, where gathering resources relies on the care of spirits you collect throughout your journey. These ethereal beings yield valuable resources when nurtured properly, essential for crafting, quests, and unlocking new locations.

Understanding Spirit Types and Resources

Each type of spirit you encounter will bestow different resources upon you. The “Spirit Research: Spirit Poop” quest will provide clarity on this mechanic. Early in the game, acquiring an earth-type spirit becomes crucial as it’s your sole means of obtaining clay on Moonstone Island.

Harvesting Clay: A Unique Process

Clay isn’t something you stumble upon in the wild or cultivate on your farm like other resources. Instead, you must gather clay from earth spirits residing in your Spirit Barn. To do this, you must fulfill certain prerequisites:

  1. Complete the ‘Taming Spirits 101’ quest.
  2. Craft a Spirit Barn.
  3. Acquire an Earth-type Spirit.

Crafting Your Spirit Barn | Where To Find Clay In Moonstone Island

After completing the ‘Taming Spirits 101’ quest, check your mailbox the following day. You’ll find a letter from Zed with crafting recipes for your Moonstone Enchanter, including the Spirit Barn recipe. To craft a Spirit Barn, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 100 Wood
  • 100 Stone
  • Three Iron Ingots
  • One Moonstone Ingot

Once you’ve gathered these materials, access your Moonstone Enchanter and select the Spirit Barn. If you haven’t unlocked the Moonstone Enchanter, you’ll need to complete the ‘Craft a New Broom’ quest to learn the crafting recipe.

Now, place your Spirit Barn wherever you prefer on your island.

Where To Find Clay In Moonstone Island

Producing Clay: The Spirit’s Role

Enter your Spirit Barn and add food to the empty stall. Then, use your medallion to communicate with the earth spirit of your choice, instructing them to remain within the Spirit Barn. Consistently feeding your spirit will ensure their happiness. Periodically, your earth spirit will generate clay, and you can simply pick it up when it appears.

Clay’s Purpose

Clay serves two primary purposes on Moonstone Island. You can use it to craft items like decorative pots for your plants. Additionally, clay is a key resource required to unlock the Spring Temple, situated to the west of your starting island. This temple holds mysteries waiting to be uncovered, with clay being one of the unique keys to access its secrets.

Your journey on Moonstone Island is filled with unique challenges and resource-gathering methods. Master the art of taming spirits and crafting Spirit Barns to unlock the island’s full potential. Where To Find Clay In Moonstone Island.

For more Moonstone Island tips and secrets, stay tuned.

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