How to Cure Weakened Pals in Palworld?

How to Cure Weakened Pals in Palworld?

How to Cure Weakened Pals in Palworld? In Palworld, the efficiency of your Pals may decrease if they are not properly taken care of, often due to a lack of proper nutrition. It is crucial for players to address this issue promptly to ensure their Pals remain effective.

How to Cure Weakened Pals in Palworld?

Understanding Weakened Status in Palworld

Being Weakened is an ailment similar to being Depressed in the game, but the good news is that both of these conditions are entirely curable. To help players navigate through curing the Weakened status, we’ve compiled this guide.

Identifying a Weakened Pal

To begin, it’s essential to recognize a Pal with the Weakened ailment. Check the Base Info, which lists all Pals working at the Base, or simply access the Pal screen for their status.

Building a Medieval Medicine Workbench for Crafting Medicine

To cure a Weakened Pal, players need High-Grade Medical Supplies. These can be obtained by purchasing them from a merchant for x3000 Gold. If a merchant is not available, crafting the supplies at your base is an alternative option. To do this, you’ll need a Medieval Medicine Workbench, unlocked at Technology Level 12. Construct the workbench using x30 Wood, x5 Nails, and x10 Paldium Fragments.

Crafting High-Grade Medical Supplies

Once the Medieval Medicine Workbench is ready, use the following resources to craft High-Grade Medical Supplies:

  • x5 Ingots: Craft at a Furnace by spending x10 Ores.
  • x5 Horns: Dropped by Pals with Horns like Eikthyrdeers.
  • x2 Bones: Dropped by Pals like Vixy, Anubis, Bushi, Cawgnito, etc.

Curing a Weakened Pal

After obtaining the High-Grade Medical Supplies, go to your Inventory, right-click on them, and feed them to a Weakened Pal. Initially, crafting the medicine may take time, but assigning the task to a Pal with a Medicine Production Work Suitability Trait speeds up the process. Several Pals possess this trait, including Lifmunk, Flopie, Cinnamoth, and more.

Preventing Future Incidents

To prevent weakened status in the future, build a Feed Box. Unlocked at Technology Level 4 and requiring x20 Wood to build, the Feed Box allows Pals to eat when hungry automatically. Simply transfer food from your Inventory to the Feed Box, ensuring your Pals stay nourished and avoid becoming weakened.


With this guide, you now have all the information needed to effectively deal with a Weakened Pal in Palworld. Remember to consistently care for your Pals, maintain their Sanity, and they will continue contributing effectively to your success in the game.

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