How to get to Lyleen Noct boss fight in Palworld

How to get to Lyleen Noct boss fight in Palworld?

How to get to Lyleen Noct boss fight in Palworld? If you’re aiming to challenge the formidable Lyleen Noct boss in Palworld, follow these steps to reach its chilling location and reap the rewards:

How to get to Lyleen Noct boss fight in Palworld?

  1. Prepare for the Cold:
    • Equip cold-resistant armor before venturing into the snowy terrain where Lyleen Noct lurks.
  2. Fast Travel to Unthawable Lake Fast Point:
    • Use the fast travel option to reach the Unthawable Lake Fast Point at coordinates -100,287.
  3. Flight to the Mineshaft Entrance:
    • Once at the Unthawable Lake, take flight in the direction of coordinates -134,313.
    • Look for the entrance to the mineshaft, which leads to the Lyleen Noct boss fight.

How to Catch Lyleen Noct:

  1. Assemble a Dragon Pal Team:
    • Form a team of powerful Dragon Pals for the encounter.
    • Recommended legendary: Jetdragon. Alternatives: Jormuntide, Astegon, or Quivern. Additional support from Deadream is beneficial.
  2. Equip High-Firepower Weapons:
    • Arm yourself with potent weapons like Assault Rifles or Pump-action Shotguns.
    • Consider using grenades for additional damage.
  3. Capture or Defeat Lyleen Noct:
    • Lower Lyleen Noct’s health significantly in battle.
    • Use either the Ultra Sphere or Legendary Sphere to capture it once its health is sufficiently reduced.
    • Alternatively, defeat Lyleen Noct to claim victory.
  4. Rewards:
    • Upon capturing or defeating Lyleen Noct, you’ll receive valuable loot, including Beautiful Flowers, Low-Grade Medical Supplies, Precious Entrails, and Ancient Technology Parts.

How to Breed Lyleen Noct:

  1. Unlock Breeding Farm:
    • Ensure that you have unlocked the Breeding Farm, accessible at Technology level 19.
  2. Prepare Breeding Combo:
    • Acquire a Cake and set up the Breeding Farm.
  3. Capture Lyleen and Menasting:
    • Capture Lyleen at Wildlife Sanctuary Number 3 (coordinates: 678,620).
    • Capture Menasting at Wildlife Sanctuary Number 2 (coordinates: -686,-108) or defeat the level 44 boss at coordinates 513,100.
  4. Breed Lyleen Noct:
    • Use Lyleen and Menasting as the breeding combination to produce Lyleen Noct.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully navigate to the Lyleen Noct boss fight location, defeat or capture the formidable boss, and even unlock the option to breed Lyleen Noct in Palworld. Good luck on your Pal-catching adventures!

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