How to Get Swirl Spar in Weapon Fighting Simulator

How to Get Swirl Spar in Weapon Fighting Simulator?

Weapon Fighting Simulator enthusiasts, rejoice! The coveted Swirl Spar is your gateway to enhancing the power of the Yo-Yo Blade or Charged Sonic to Shiny+++. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to obtain the Swirl Spar during the limited-time 2nd Anniversary Event.

How to Get Swirl Spar in Weapon Fighting Simulator?

  1. Accessing the 2nd Anniversary Event:
    • Click on the ‘2nd Anniv. Event’ button located at the top of your screen in Weapon Fighting Simulator.
    • Navigate to the ‘Link Chests’ section within the event window.
  2. Unlocking Link Chests:
    • To unlock Link Chests, you need DΓΌrer’s Keys.
    • There are a total of 23 chests to unlock, requiring the corresponding number of keys.
  3. Obtaining DΓΌrer’s Keys:
    • Complete Key Quests within the 2nd Anniversary Event to earn DΓΌrer’s Keys.
    • Each quest rewards a specific number of keys. Examples include opening stones, destroying Qi chests, spinning the daily wheel, and more.
  4. Key Quests Breakdown:
    • Open 20000 Stones: 3 DΓΌrer’s Keys
    • Destroy 10000 Qi Chests: 3 DΓΌrer’s Keys
    • Spin Daily Wheel for 80 Times: 3 DΓΌrer’s Keys
    • Get 10 Eternal Bangles from Eggs Merchant: 2 DΓΌrer’s Keys
    • Clear wave 1099 in Defense Mode (1 time): 2 DΓΌrer’s Keys
    • Complete Time Trial Hard Mode within 6 minutes (10 times): 2 DΓΌrer’s Keys
    • Obtain 1500 points in World Championship: 2 DΓΌrer’s Keys
    • Reach floor 600 of Infinite Tower (new season starting Jan 21): 2 DΓΌrer’s Keys
    • Get Server Boss final hit reward (1 time): 2 DΓΌrer’s Keys
  5. Unlocking the Link Chests:
    • Use the accumulated DΓΌrer’s Keys to unlock all the Link Chests under the 2nd Anniversary Event.
  6. Grand Reward Choice:
    • After unlocking all chests, click on ‘Grand Reward.’
    • Make your selection between the Swirl Spar and 2,000 Limited Tokens.

The Swirl Spar is a valuable item for players seeking to enchant the Yo-Yo Blade or Charged Sonic to Shiny+++. Embark on the quests, gather DΓΌrer’s Keys, unlock the chests, and claim your reward in the epic 2nd Anniversary Event of Weapon Fighting Simulator! May your weapons shine brighter than ever before

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