How to Get a Sword in Grimoires Era

How to Get a Sword in Grimoires Era 2024

It seems like you’ve provided a comprehensive guide on how to obtain swords in Grimoires Era, including both paid and free methods. Here’s a summary of the information:

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Paid Method to Get a Sword in Grimoires Era:

For players looking for a quick and easy way to acquire a sword, the Imperial Sword is available for 899 Robux. This option provides instant access to a capable weapon, widely regarded as a solid choice in the game.

Free Method to Get a Sword in Grimoires Era:

Players who prefer not to spend Robux can obtain swords by defeating certain bosses, although this method requires patience due to low drop rates. The first sword, the Mace, can be acquired from the game’s first boss, The Evil Old Man.

As of now, Grimoires Era features four swords that players can acquire. Three of these swords are obtainable through boss drops, while the fourth can be purchased using Robux. Here are the swords and their respective sources:

  • Mace: Dropped by The Evil Old Man, who’s level 20.
  • Silver Sword: Dropped by the Royal Bandit, who’s level 200.
  • Sai: Believed to be dropped by the Corrupt Nobleman, who’s level 300.
  • Imperial Sword: Purchasable via the in-game shop.

Players opting for the free method should prepare for a potentially lengthy process of defeating bosses multiple times to obtain these swords and the wait that comes with them respawning.

This guide provides players with the flexibility to choose between spending Robux for a quicker acquisition or grinding bosses for a free but time-consuming method.

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