How to Get Grimoire Spins in Grimoires Era?

How to Get Grimoire Spins in Grimoires Era?

How to Get Grimoire Spins in Grimoires Era? If you’ve depleted your Grimoire Spins in Grimores Era and are seeking ways to replenish them, we’ve compiled a guide covering both free and paid methods to acquire more spins.

How to Get Grimoire Spins in Grimoires Era?

  1. Codes from the Developer:
    • Keep an eye out for codes released by the developers to celebrate milestones and events. These codes, available on the game’s milestones and events, provide a quick boost of Grimoire Spins. Check the codes page regularly for the latest releases.
  2. Jack’s Offer:
    • Find Jack in the starting village, who offers a deal allowing you to exchange 50,000 Yen for 10 Grimoire Spins. While this may require some grinding, it provides an option for players who prefer not to spend real money.
  3. Daily Rewards:
    • If you are part of the Game Funzy Roblox Group, interact with the blue Daily Rewards circle near the village spawn point once a day to receive spins. The spins can include Aura, Grimoire, or Race spins, and the number is determined by a spinner.

Paid Way to Get Grimoire Spins in Grimoires Era:

  1. Purchasing Spins with Robux:
    • Visit the Grimoire Dealer NPC in Grimoire Tower to purchase spins directly with Robux. Various spin packages are available:
      • +1 Spin: 30 Robux
      • +10 Spins: 289 Robux
      • +50 Spins: 1399 Robux
      • +100 Spins: 2499 Robux
    • This paid option provides an immediate and straightforward way to obtain additional spins, allowing players to try their luck on desired Grimoires.

Whether you opt for free methods like codes, Jack’s offer, and daily rewards, or choose the convenience of purchasing spins with Robux, these strategies offer a range of options to enhance your Grimoire Spins count in Grimores Era.

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