Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Not Working Fix

Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Not Working Fix

In recent times, many Rainbow Six Siege enthusiasts have been left bewildered and frustrated due to the “Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Not Working” issue that emerged after a recent game update. Rainbow Six Siege, a renowned multiplayer tactical shooter, offers players an intense and competitive gaming experience. Central to this experience is the ranked system, which categorizes players based on their skill levels. This article delves into the intricacies of this problem, explores its potential causes, and provides practical solutions to help players restore their access to the ranked mode.

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Possible Causes of Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Not Working

Several factors can contribute to the ranked system malfunctioning in Rainbow Six Siege. The most common reasons include:

  1. Server Overloading and Maintenance: When game servers are overloaded or undergoing maintenance, it can disrupt the ranked system.
  2. Bugs and Glitches: Software bugs and glitches within the game code can lead to issues with the ranked display.
  3. Game Maintenance: Sometimes, the developers disable the ranked system temporarily to address connectivity problems caused by recent updates.

Solutions of Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Not Working

While server-related issues can only be resolved by the game’s developers, there are some steps players can take to address potential problems on their end.

  1. Check Internet Connection: Network instability or slow internet speed can contribute to the ranked display issue. Players should ensure that their internet connection is stable and not experiencing fluctuations. You can use websites like fast.com to check your internet speed and stability.
  2. Verify Server Status: To determine if the problem is due to server-related issues, players can check the Rainbow Six Siege server status. If the servers are down for maintenance or experiencing technical defects, this may be the root cause of the problem. Here’s the link to check for the Service Status of Rainbow Six Siege.
  3. Game Maintenance: If the ranked system is disabled by the developers to address connectivity issues, players must be patient and wait for a fix patch. In the past, the Rainbow Six Siege team has resolved similar issues within weeks through updates. Players can stay updated on the situation by following the game’s official Twitter account for announcements.


The Rainbow Six Siege ranked not working issue can be frustrating for players looking to gauge their progress and compete at their skill level. However, understanding the possible causes, such as server overloading, bugs, and game maintenance, can help players troubleshoot the problem. By checking their internet connection, verifying the server status, and staying informed through official channels, players can take proactive steps while awaiting a resolution from the developers. As Rainbow Six Siege continues to evolve, occasional technical issues may arise, but with the right approach, players can ensure a smoother gaming experience.

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