Random Dice Tier List

Random Dice Tier List (February 2024)

Embark on a strategic journey with our Random Dice Tier List, exclusively crafted to guide you through the complex world of Random Dice Wars and Defense. In this comprehensive list, we’ll help you identify the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me of dice, ensuring you make informed choices for your defense and warfare strategies.

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Decoding the Random Dice Tier List 2024

Random Dice offers an array of dice types, from debuffs to buffs, and our tier list categorizes them into six ranks – from the outstanding S Tier to the less favorable F Tier. Each tier comes with valuable insights into dice type, rarity, and target, empowering you to make the best selection for your gaming experience.

S Tier Ranked Dice

  1. Blizzard Dice: Debuff, Legend, Front
  2. Lunar Dice: Buff, Legend
  3. Joker Dice: Magic, Legend, Front
  4. Assassin Dice: Merge, Legend, Front
  5. Sacrifice Dice: Physical, Rare, Front
  6. Mighty Wind Dice: Transform, Unique, Front
  7. Typhoon Dice: Transform, Legend, Front
  8. Yin Yang Dice: Physical, Legend, Front

A Tier List for Random Dice

  1. Solar Dice: Transform, Legend, Front
  2. Combo Dice: Physical, Legend, Front
  3. Atomic Dice: Magic, Legend, Front
  4. Growth Dice: Transform, Legend, Front
  5. Flow Dice: Buff, Legend
  6. Hell Dice: Buff, Legend
  7. Iron Dice: Physical, Common, Strongest
  8. Nuclear Dice: Merge, Legend, Front
  9. Mimic Dice: Magic, Unique, Front
  10. Summoner Dice: Magic, Legend, Front
  11. Shield Dice: Install, Legend, Front

B Tier Wars and Defense Dice

  1. Infect Dice: Debuff, Unique, Random
  2. Supplement Dice: Merge, Legend, Front
  3. Arrow Dice: Physical, Rare, Random
  4. Thorn Dice: Install, Rare
  5. Poison Dice: Debuff, Common, Random
  6. Critical Dice: Buff, Rare
  7. Electric Dice: Magic, Common, Front
  8. Fire Dice: Magic, Common, Front
  9. Gamble Dice: Physical, Common, Front
  10. Modified Electric Dice: Magic, Unique, Front
  11. Metastasis Dice: Merge, Legend, Front

C Tier List for Random Dice

  1. Absorb Dice: Debuff, Unique, Random
  2. Broken Dice: Physical, Common, Random
  3. Light Dice: Buff, Rare
  4. Crack Dice: Debuff, Rare, Random
  5. Gun Dice: Physical, Legend, Random
  6. Gear Dice: Physical, Unique, Front
  7. Wind Dice: Physical, Common, Front

D Ranked Random Dice

  1. Mine Dice: Magic, Rare
  2. Holy Sword Dice: Magic, Legend, Front
  3. Landmine Dice: Install, Legend
  4. Teleport Dice: Debuff, Unique, Random

F Tier List for Defense and Wars

  1. Death Dice: Magic, Unique, Random
  2. Wave Dice: Physical, Unique, Front
  3. Star Dice: Magic, Legend, Front
  4. Lock Dice: Debuff, Common, Front

Explore this comprehensive Random Dice Tier List and elevate your gaming strategy. For more insightful tier guides, delve into our other tier lists, and uncover the best treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom along with Brotato’s weapon tier list. Stay ahead of the game on LionJek!”

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