War Thunder Mobile Tier List

War Thunder Mobile Tier List 2024: Unleash Your Inner Ace

Dominate the air, rule the waves, and crush the land in War Thunder Mobile, the free-to-play behemoth offering epic battles across history’s mightiest war machines. But navigating this vast arsenal can be overwhelming. Fear not, commanders! This extensive War Thunder Mobile Tier List for 2024 equips you with the knowledge to unleash your inner ace and conquer every battlefield.

War Thunder Mobile Tier List Ranking System:

  • S-Tier: The undisputed kings and queens of War Thunder Mobile. These vehicles excel in firepower, mobility, versatility, and skill ceilings, demanding mastery but rewarding it with dominance.
  • A-Tier: Highly effective all-rounders, offering a balanced mix of strengths and weaknesses. Perfect for skilled and adaptable players.
  • B-Tier: Solid performers with distinct strengths requiring specific tactics or situational advantages. Best for intermediate players.
  • C-Tier:Β Niche specialists or challenging underdogs, rewarding experienced players with high-skill mastery. War Thunder Mobile Tier List.

Steel Beasts: Rolling Thunder on the Ground

S-TierT-72B3USSRUnmatched armor, potent fire, superb mobilityRelies on crew skills, exposed ammo rackThe ultimate balance of power and protection.
Leopard 2A6M CANGermanyPrecision gun, excellent maneuverability, strong frontal armorVulnerable flanks, high skill ceilingDeadly in skilled hands, demanding map awareness.
Challenger 2 TESUKHigh survivability, accurate L27A1 APDS, good mobilityLower firerate, average reverse speedA robust workhorse, ideal for brawling and defensive tactics.
M1A2 SEP AbramsUSAWell-rounded firepower, advanced optics, adaptable playstyleAverage mobility, exposed engine deckA versatile warrior, mastering all terrains and situations.
Type 10JapanAuto-loading 120mm gun, fast turret traverse, agile handlingWeak hull armor, ammo rack vulnerabilityA glass cannon requiring aggressive tactics and precise aim.
A-TierT-62M1USSRStrong frontal armor, decent mobility, diverse ammo optionsHigh repair costs, average gun handlingA budget T-72B3, rewarding strategic flanking and hull-down tactics.
Leopard 2A5GermanyPrecision DM33 round, good survivability, strong gun depressionAverage reload speed, vulnerable turret cheeksA reliable brawler, punishing overconfident enemies with laser-like accuracy.
Challenger 2UKExcellent L23A1 APFSDS penetration, robust armor, solid mobilitySluggish compared to top tiers, average opticsA dependable defender, anchoring flanks and punishing exposed targets.
M1A1 AIM AbramsUSAWell-rounded firepower, good optics, reliable armorLower mobility than newer Abrams variants, exposed ammo rackA jack-of-all-trades, adapting to any situation with solid performance.
Type 90JapanAuto-loading 120mm gun, good mobility, advanced thermalsLower survivability than Type 10, average gun depressionA nimble hunter, flanking enemies with its auto-loading firepower and stealthy thermals.
B-TierT-55AM-1USSRAffordable alternative, decent armor, powerful HEAT shellsAverage mobility, outdated sightsA cost-effective option, mastering close-quarters brawls and flanking maneuvers.
Leopard 1A5GermanyAccurate DM23 APFSDS, good optics, fast flank speedThin armor, limited firepowerA hit-and-run specialist, rewarding precise aim and map knowledge.
Centurion Mk.3UKReliable L7A1 APFSDS, good hull-down performance, solid protectionSlow, large profile, average opticsA defensive anchor, holding ground and supporting teammates with accurate firepower.
M60A1 RISE (P)USAImproved mobility over basic M60, potent HEAT shells, decent opticsThin armor, average firerateA budget Abrams, flanking enemies with its mobility and HEAT punch.
STB-3JapanAccurate Type 93 APFSDS, good gun depression, decent mobilityFragile armor, limited gun elevationA precision warrior, rewarding well-aimed shots and hull-down positions.
C-TierIS-3USSRThick frontal armor, powerful APHE shells, historical charm
Steel Beasts: Rolling Thunder on the Ground | War Thunder Mobile Tier List of Best Tanks

Riding the Waves: Dominating the Oceans

S-TierUSS ClevelandUSARapid-fire dual-purpose guns, strong AA, good maneuverabilityLimited torpedoes, vulnerability to HE spamA versatile cruiser, showering enemies with lead and swatting planes from the sky.
HMS BelfastUKExcellent radar, diverse armament, solid survivabilityAverage speed, limited torpedoesA jack-of-all-trades, adapting to any situation with radar spotting and potent firepower.
Admiral HipperGermanyEffective main guns, strong AP shells, good concealmentAverage AA, vulnerable to HE spamA stealthy predator, peppering enemies from afar with accurate main battery fire.
IJN AtagoJapanPowerful torpedoes, versatile firepower, good maneuverabilityLimited AA, average armorA torpedo terror, flanking enemies and unleashing devastating underwater attacks.
PoltavaUSSRRobust armor, potent main guns, strong AASluggish, large profile, vulnerable to air attacksA floating fortress, anchoring the line and soaking up damage while pounding enemies with heavy shells.
A-TierUSS Des MoinesUSARadar-guided main guns, effective AA, decent survivabilityLimited torpedoes, average maneuverabilityA long-range sniper, peppering enemies with accurate fire from afar.
HMS HoodUKPowerful main guns, good armor, historical significancePoor AA, slow reload, vulnerable deckA classic battleship, punishing enemies with devastating broadsides but demanding careful positioning.
Prinz EugenGermanyEffective main guns, good mobility, strong AAAverage armor, exposed citadelA versatile cruiser, supporting teammates with accurate fire and strong AA defense.
IJN MogamiJapanRapid-fire main guns, good HE damage, decent AAFragile armor, limited torpedoesA glass cannon, melting enemies with rapid-fire shells but requiring careful positioning.
Dmitri DonskoiUSSRStrong AA, versatile secondary guns, good survivabilitySlow, average main guns, limited torpedoesA defensive powerhouse, protecting teammates with flak and secondary fire.
B-TierUSS HelenaUSARadar-guided main guns, decent AA, affordable optionFragile armor, average firepowerA budget Des Moines, offering similar radar capabilities but requiring tactical positioning.
HMS RenownUKFast reload AP shells, good AA, historical significanceThin armor, average maneuverabilityA hit-and-run cruiser, punishing enemies with quick broadsides and retreating before taking heavy damage.
NΓΌrnbergGermanyGood HE damage, effective secondary guns, affordable optionLimited AA, average main guns, slow reloadA budget Prinz Eugen, offering decent firepower at a lower cost but demanding careful play.
IJN AobaJapanGood HE damage, versatile secondary guns, decent AAThin armor, slow reload, limited torpedoesA support cruiser, setting fires and harassing enemies with secondary fire and AA defense.
ChapayevUSSRPowerful main guns, good HE damage, strong AAAverage armor, sluggish handlingA versatile cruiser, dishing out damage with main guns and HE while protecting teammates with strong AA.
C-TierUSS OmahaUSADecent AA, historical significance, affordable optionThin armor, outdated guns, slow reloadA historical relic, best left for experienced players seeking a challenge.
HMS DreadnoughtUKSlow, outdated, historical significanceLimited AA, weak firepower, vulnerable armorA museum piece, best used for historical appreciation rather than competitive play.
KΓΆlnGermanyFragile armor, average firepower, limited AANot particularly effective in most situations, requires specific strategies and skilled play.
IJN TenryuuJapanLimited firepower, slow reload, weak AANot recommended for competitive play, best for exploring historical aspects.
KirovUSSRSlow, average firepower, outdated AAOutclassed by most other cruisers, offers limited combat effectiveness.
Riding the Waves: Dominating the Oceans | War Thunder Mobile Tier List of Best Tanks

Soaring Skies: Ruling the Clouds

S-TierMiG-29SUSSRPowerful R-27 missiles, good dogfighting capabilities, advanced radarAverage maneuverability, limited fuelA deadly interceptor, dominating aerial combat with potent missiles and radar.
F-14A TomcatUSALong-range Phoenix missiles, variable-sweep wings,
Soaring Skies: Ruling the Clouds | War Thunder Mobile Tier List

Additional Tips:

  • Crew Skills: Invest in relevant skills to boost vehicle performance and survivability.
  • Vehicle Modifications: Adapt your vehicles with modifications to fit your playstyle and environment.
  • Teamwork: Coordinate with teammates for strategic flanking, target sharing, and support.
  • Situational Awareness: Use the mini-map, camera views, and enemy markers to stay informed.
  • Practice: Hone your skills in custom battles or single-player missions before diving into multiplayer.

Beyond Tanks, Ships, and Planes:

  • Minor Nations: Explore unique vehicles from smaller nations offering different playstyles.
  • Event Rewards: Grind or participate in events to unlock special and powerful vehicles.
  • Experimental Vehicles: Test prototype and future tech machines for a glimpse of War Thunder’s future.


This War Thunder Mobile Tier List is a starting point, not a definitive guide. Experiment, find your comfort zone, and most importantly, have fun! War Thunder Mobile offers a vast playground for tactical mastery and aerial/naval/ground dominance. So, fire up the engines, raise the sails, and conquer the skies, seas, and battlefields!

This concludes the War Thunder Mobile Tier List. I hope this revised version provides a concise and informative overview while staying within the character limit.

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or want me to elaborate on specific sections.

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