The Best Races For A Paladin In Baldurs Gate 3

The Best Races For A Paladin In Baldurs Gate 3

What are the The Best Races For A Paladin In Baldurs Gate 3? In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Paladins are renowned for their formidable presence on the frontlines, capable of dishing out substantial damage or serving as unyielding tanks. In Baldur’s Gate 3, they retain their powerful role, even offering occasional support when your primary healer is indisposed.

However, it’s essential to make wise choices to fully optimize your holy warrior, starting with selecting the right race. While role-playing freedom is paramount, there’s no harm in creating a mechanically strong character that can excel in battle. Here are some top race choices for your Baldurs Gate 3 Paladin:

Best Races For A Paladin In Baldurs Gate 3

7. Half-Orc

  • Half-Orcs are versatile and excel in frontline combat, making them ideal damage dealers and tanks.
  • They possess 12m of Darkvision, allowing them to engage effectively in melee combat even in dark environments.
  • Intimidation proficiency, combined with their high Charisma score, makes them truly fearsome.
  • Savage Attacks grant an extra damage die on critical melee hits, which synergizes well with Paladin abilities like Smite.
  • Relentless Endurance ensures they stay standing with 1 HP when reduced to zero, enhancing their tanking capabilities.

6. Strongheart Halfling | The Best Races For A Paladin In Baldurs Gate 3

  • Halflings, in general, are strong choices for Paladins due to their versatile traits.
  • Resistance to being frightened is valuable for a frontline character.
  • The Lucky trait lets them re-roll Ability Checks, Saving Throws, or Attack Rolls when they roll a natural one, offering excellent versatility.
  • Strongheart Halflings provide resistance against poison damage and Saving Throws, which is valuable considering the commonality of poison damage.

5. Duergar

  • Duergar Dwarves stand out with their superior Darkvision (24m) and resistance against being charmed or paralyzed.
  • This resistance is crucial as charm or paralysis can cripple your character.
  • They can eventually cast Enlarge or Invisibility on themselves, enhancing their combat capabilities.
  • Alternatively, Gold Dwarves offer extra hit points at every level, making them formidable tanks when combined with the Tough Feat.

4. High Elf | The Best Races For A Paladin In Baldurs Gate 3

  • High Elves bring Darkvision, resistance against being charmed, and freedom from sleep, making them valuable early-game.
  • They gain a free Perception proficiency.
  • The free cantrip they receive can compensate for the typically low Intelligence score Paladins have.
  • Wood Elves are an interesting alternative for their extra movement, beneficial for Paladins who need to close in on enemies.

3. Dragonborn

  • Dragonborns provide an area attack through their breath weapon and free resistance based on their color.
  • While the breath weapon’s damage output is moderate, the free resistance is valuable, especially for tanks.
  • Dragonborns offer a wide range of colors for resistance, including fire and poison, making them versatile.

2. Githyanki | The Best Races For A Paladin In Baldurs Gate 3

  • Githyanki excel in mobility, solving the common issue of melee characters struggling with movement.
  • Their Astral Knowledge can be handy for skill checks.
  • They gain free Mage Hand, Jump, and Misty Step, enhancing their map traversal abilities.

1. Mephistopheles Tiefling

  • Tieflings boast fire resistance, making them excellent for absorbing fiery attacks.
  • They also possess Darkvision.
  • Mephistopheles Tieflings are recommended for their spells, including Burning Hands and Flame Blade.
  • Flame Blade allows the use of Charisma for Attack rolls, making it a valuable off-hand weapon.

By choosing one of these races, you can create a mechanically robust Paladin in Baldurs Gate 3, ready to embark on thrilling adventures and face formidable foes.

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